What We Are All About At DirtTRI:

Off-road multisport has grown to a point where it not only needs, but warrants a dedicated media source. Off-road multisport, which includes XTERRA Off-Road Triathlons, ITU Cross Triathlons, TNatura Events, TreX Cross Triathlons, Winter Triathlon, etc. receives very limited exposure within the current multisport/triathlon media relm. This is somewhat understandable as there are many events and issues to cover within the road formats of triathlon. However, this void in off-road multisport coverage creates the falsehood that it is a lesser format. Quite the contrary! At DirtTRI.com we wholeheartedly disagree with this unfounded allegation and created a magazine to demonstrate why we believe off-road multisport is not only wildly fun, but highly challenging and captivating in a way no other format of multisport is. Our goal is to promote and develop off-road multisport through the magazine, a team, our coaching services, and any other projects we dream up to show the world what they have been missing.

What You Can Expect From DirtTRI:

  • Quality journalism focused exclusively on off-road multisport.
  • A timely and relevant news hub related to all aspects of the off-road multisport community.
  • In depth editorial information pertaining to the event promoters, events, governing bodies, and athletes within off-road multisport.
  • Creation of a single, comprehensive and complete event schedule as a hub for all event companies and off-road multisport formats to promote their events and a central location for participants for find those events.
  • Creation of a centralized location for technical information and reviews of products and services pertaining to off-road multisport.
  • Editorial content of training and nutrition information pertaining to off-road multisport
  • Interviews, promotion and information concerning off-road multisport professional athletes and their supporters/sponsors. Thus, creating a platform for professional athletes to better represent their brand.

Thoughts From The Founder:


Jimmy Archer

I began my professional triathlon career in ’99 within the new and developing XTERRA tour. I enjoyed a degree of success but was quickly persuaded to move to the supposedly more lucrative road side of triathlon. This was a big mistake and one I will always regret. Stick to what you’re good at kids. 

Within that first season in XTERRA I had the idea for an XTERRA/Off-Road Triathlon focused publication, but didn’t have the means nor experience to make it happen. In the following  years I raced almost every major event within Triathlon, as well as having the privilege to work as an editor, staff writer, and freelance writer for nearly every Triathlon media outlet.

During that time I learned a lot, but I also saw first hand how poorly the off-road aspect of Triathlon is treated, which is second tier at best. This treatment is understandable, with various formats, organizations, and championships the road side of triathlon is quite busy, some may even say diluted.  Meanwhile the majority of multisport media, editors, and writers have little or no experience nor understanding of off-road Triathlon. However, while XTERRA/off-road is one of the oldest and best established formats of Triathlon, and has attracted many of the greatest Triathletes in history to its unique challenge, it is still viewed as ancillary to road Triathlon.

I started DirtTRI.com to address these issues and create an outlet dedicated solely to off-road multisport. I believe off-road Triathlon is the most pure and best format of Triathlon and I believe the time has come for a dedicated source to scream that fact from the mountain tops.

In off-road triathlon we don’t need the myriad of confusing and convoluted rules you find in road triathlon. We have an inherent technical aspect to our bike segment which all but eliminates the benefits of drafting and the ability to “buy speed” via a fancy wheel-set, or the newest aero helmet. Our brand of Triathlon offers terrain challenges, forested trails, and exciting obstacles, not a flat asphalt road. Off-road gives you competition and challenge in a beautiful and wild environment. And, lets be honest, it attracts a more adventurous, fun, friendly type of athlete rather than the über-agro tri-geek.

Honestly, off-road triathlon is what triathlon is meant to be.

DirtTRI.com is off-road multisport. Here you will find not only XTERRA, but also ITU Cross Triathlon, TNatura, Trex Cross TriathlonWinter Triathlon and any form of multisport that takes the challenge off the road and into the wild.

I’ve always felt off-road Triathlon was the truest and best test of the multisport athlete, I trust you feel the same. And, I hope you will enjoy DirtTRI.com.

– Jimmy Archer