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Anxious Energy and a Story

It’s less than a week out from the 2016 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship in the Snowies Mountains outside of Canberra, Australia. As athletes gather from around the globe, the excitement grows. The anticipation is palpable. Everyone is anxious to preview the course and burn off some of the extra …

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Why Routine is Good and Monotony is Bad

Why Routine is Good and Monotony is Bad www.DirtTRI.com

As the 2016 winds down, many endurance athletes take a look back to analyze their performance for the year. They study what they did right and what they did wrong. One aspect that can be hard to see while your in the midst of it, is your routine. How varied …

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The Future of Sponsorship in Triathlon

The Future of Sponsorship in Triathlon - 3xtreme is lead by cross tri pro Paco Serrano from Mexico Photo: 3xtreme

Triathlon, like many endurance sports, may be an individual effort out on course, but when it comes to sponsorships, it is quickly becoming more of a team sport. Do a Google search and in the first few pages, you’ll see dozens of triathlon teams from all walks of life. From …

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