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Off Season Opportunities – Video by Chris Ganter

Off Season Opportunities - Video by Chris Ganter Professional Off-road Triathlete

The off season is a opportune time to try out new things. Explore new activities, set up new training for the following year, discover new hobbies, and so much more. To help break the monotony of his off season winter training, professional off-road triathlete Chris Ganter, found a new activity …

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5 Open Water Swim Tips From Ben Allen

5 Open Water Swim Tips from Ben Allen Photo: XTERRA

Shifting from pool swimming to open water swimming is not a simple skill to master. Many of us aren’t as comfortable in the water once you take away that black line and the bottom of the pool. In events like the upcoming XTERRA Phuket in Thailand on April 1st, athletes will dive …

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2017 Off-Road Triathlon Training Camps

Aloha Racing - 2017 off-road triathlon training camps

As off-road triathlon continues to gain notoriety and grow across the globe, off-road specific training camps have started popping up. You may be thinking “Why is an off-road specific camp necessary?” It’s a rather simple answer – off-road triathlon requires specialized skills and a unique blend of fitness to be a …

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6 Reasons Triathletes Should Mountain Bike

6 Reasons Why Triathletes Should Mountain Bike Photo: Human Interest Group

As off-road enthusiasts, we know that mountain biking is so much more than just an exhilarating workout. It gives you the freedom to roam the woods, to satisfy your yearning for adventure, and of course an excuse to get a little dirty.  From time to time, we try to convey the message …

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Why Routine is Good and Monotony is Bad

Why Routine is Good and Monotony is Bad www.DirtTRI.com

As the 2016 winds down, many endurance athletes take a look back to analyze their performance for the year. They study what they did right and what they did wrong. One aspect that can be hard to see while your in the midst of it, is your routine. How varied …

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The Basics – Introduction to Off-Road Triathlon

The Basics - Introduction to Off-Road Triathlon DirtTRI.com

When you are first entering the sport of off-road triathlon, it can feel like an overwhelming amount to take in. Road triathletes need to pick up the idiosyncrasies of diving into the dirt. Single sport athletes must incorporate two more activities into their repertoire.  And if you are completely new to the world of multisport, every …

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Fox’s Furious Mountain Bike Workout

Lou Fox's mountain bike workout. Photo: Triatlo Portugal

Lou Fox, a professional cross triathlete from Great Britain, shares a brutally fun mountain bike workout that will really work you over. This challenging workout will help you build both physical and mental strength. You can follow Lou’s adventures on her website Lou Fox Tri. Pre-Workout Thoughts from Lou This workout can be done anywhere off-road, …

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Morning vs Evening Training

Morning vs Evening Training brought to you by The Right Stuff www.DirtTRI.com

The time of day that you train is not always a factor you can control, but if it is an option, here is a list of morning vs evening training you might want to consider while contemplating what time of day to do your workouts. Some of these are legitimate reasons, others… …

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