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Fox’s Furious Mountain Bike Workout

Lou Fox's mountain bike workout. Photo: Triatlo Portugal

Lou Fox, a professional cross triathlete from Great Britain, shares a brutally fun mountain bike workout that will really work you over. This challenging workout will help you build both physical and mental strength. You can follow Lou’s adventures on her website Lou Fox Tri. Pre-Workout Thoughts from Lou This workout can be done anywhere off-road, …

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Morning vs Evening Training

Morning vs Evening Training brought to you by The Right Stuff www.DirtTRI.com

The time of day that you train is not always a factor you can control, but if it is an option, here is a list of morning vs evening training you might want to consider while contemplating what time of day to do your workouts. Some of these are legitimate reasons, others… …

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Technique Based Sprints – Swim Workout

Technique Based Sprints - Swim Workout brought to you by The Right Stuff

The following swim workout is brought to you by the support of… Sprint at the start. Sprint around a buoy.  Sprint past a competitor. There are many times in the swim portion of an off-road triathlon that you will have to sprint. As anyone who has ever tried to sprint in …

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Workout Wednesday – Race Course Specific Training


One of the great things about off-road triathlon is that every course is a little different. Even the same course year-to-year can change and so your training going into every event will change as well. For this week’s Workout Wednesday – Race Course Specific Training, American pro Branden Rakita, shares a podium …

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