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Workout Wednesday – Race Course Specific Training


One of the great things about off-road triathlon is that every course is a little different. Even the same course year-to-year can change and so your training going into every event will change as well. For this week’s Workout Wednesday – Race Course Specific Training, American pro Branden Rakita, shares a podium …

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Quick Feet on the Trail – Run Workout

Terrain in a cross triathlon is anything but consistent. Winding trails that climb on an off-camber hill, then descend sharply down a rocky hillside, and have you leaping over logs and roots, along with a hundred other variations are what you can expect at cross tris around the world. Avoiding a …

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Pokémon GO – Cross Tri Edition

Pokémon GO Triathlon Training

Develop Your Pokémon GO Stable Without Missing Out On Any CrossTRI Training Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks you’re at lease somewhat aware of Pokémon GO … or, oddly, perhaps you live in Japan and have had to tolerate constant release delays. Love it or hate it …

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