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Run Training Focused On Off-Road Multisport, Obstacle Racing, and Trail Running.

Malaysia Malee Run Workout by Bradley Weiss

Bradley Weiss - Run Workout for XTERRA Malaysia

Sandy flat beaches. Steep loose climbs. Off camber rocky hillsides. Smooth flowing single track. The terrain you will encounter on the run leg of an off-road triathlon is anything but predictable. To be a solid off-road racer, it’s important to have a balanced amount of skills in order to handle all …

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Quick Feet on the Trail – Run Workout

Terrain in a cross triathlon is anything but consistent. Winding trails that climb on an off-camber hill, then descend sharply down a rocky hillside, and have you leaping over logs and roots, along with a hundred other variations are what you can expect at cross tris around the world. Avoiding a …

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Workout Wednesday – Fartlek Fun

Workout Wednesday - Fartlek Fun www.DirtTRI.com

Fartlek [Fahrt-lek]; noun A system of training for distance runners in which the terrain and pace are continually varied to eliminate boredom and enhance psychological aspects of conditioning. Off-road triathlon is anything but consistent. To incorporate that into your run training, a fartlek workout is the perfect fit. The following …

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3 Workouts to Improve Your Run

As the season progresses and we get a few races under the belt, we find a reason to want to go faster. Whether it’s getting a personal best, winning your age group or picking off that nemesis, you want that little extra bit. The run is the prime place for …

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