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Swim Training Focused on Off-Road Triathlon

5 Open Water Swim Tips From Ben Allen

5 Open Water Swim Tips from Ben Allen Photo: XTERRA

Shifting from pool swimming to open water swimming is not a simple skill to master. Many of us aren’t as comfortable in the water once you take away that black line and the bottom of the pool. In events like the upcoming XTERRA Phuket in Thailand on April 1st, athletes will dive …

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Technique Based Sprints – Swim Workout

Technique Based Sprints - Swim Workout brought to you by The Right Stuff

The following swim workout is brought to you by the support of… Sprint at the start. Sprint around a buoy.  Sprint past a competitor. There are many times in the swim portion of an off-road triathlon that you will have to sprint. As anyone who has ever tried to sprint in …

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Workout Wednesday – In & Out’s

Workout Wednesday - In and Outs Photo: Jesse Peters

If  you have done an off-road triathlon, you know a 2 loop swim is a common layout for swim courses. Anywhere from 500-800 meters per lap with some sort of on-land run between laps. If you are familiar with this setup, you are also familiar with the feeling that your heart …

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