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109 Seconds of Why We Love Going Off Road

Chris Ganter Shows why we love going off road

If you already ride and run off road, which you most likely do if you’re on this site, then you know just how fun it can be. Professional off road triathlete Chris Ganter strapped on his GoPro to remind us in less than two minutes, why we love going off …

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Off Season Opportunities – Video by Chris Ganter

Off Season Opportunities - Video by Chris Ganter Professional Off-road Triathlete

The off season is a opportune time to try out new things. Explore new activities, set up new training for the following year, discover new hobbies, and so much more. To help break the monotony of his off season winter training, professional off-road triathlete Chris Ganter, found a new activity …

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DirtTRI Reviews – ICEtrekkers Spikes

DirtTRI Reviews - ICEtrekkers Spikes

Winter time running can be a fun change of pace with a blanket of white snow covering the landscape. But along with that snow comes ice and the risk of injury. That’s where spikes and traction come into play.  To help you learn more about the products on the market, …

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Big Discount – 25% Off Entry to XTERRA Phuket


It is common for race directors to offer discounts for registering early, but we are not sure we have seen an incentive this big in a long time. XTERRA Phuket, the third stop on the XTERRA Asia Pacific Tour this year, is offering a 25% discount on the entry fee. But don’t wait, this offer only …

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Early Registration Discount – Sign Up Soon

Early Registration Discount Photo: XTERRA www.DirtTRI.com

Many races offer a discount on sign up fees if you register early. Here are a few events from around the globe that you will want to take advantage of soon. Do you know of others? Tell us in the comments below. XTERRA Switzerland On June 24th, 2017, XTERRA Switzerland will …

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Words From the “Beast of the Southeast”

Craig Evans Interview brought to you by The Right Stuff

The following interview is brought to you by the support of The Right Stuff – Serious Hydration for Serious Athletes. Every athlete has a story. Some overcome adversity, others battle tough decisions and make constant sacrifices, the list goes on and on. While all can be interesting, some are a bit …

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