DirtTRI Reviews – FlapJacked Mighty Muffins and Protein Pancakes

As an athlete, you eat a lot. A LOT. Devouring the same foods over and over and over becomes monotonous quite quickly. Adding variety to your diet is a must for any endurance athlete to avoid burnout. One of the newest crazes to hit the shelves at the grocery store are “protein packed” baking mixes. These mixes include protein powders pre-mixed, so all you have to do is bake like normal. We reviewed the complete line of FlapJacked products to get you started.

FlapJacked – Protein Packed Products

FlapJacked Review - Protein PancakesJennifer and David Bacon founded the company based on the premise that healthy meals should not only fuel your body but also taste great. FlapJacked is balanced to fuel your body and help control hunger.

FlapJacked products use Whey Protein Isolate and a Non-GMO Pea Protein Isolate. Each serving provides 20 grams of protein. All of their products are certified gluten free and GMO free. Some products do contain nuts (see individual packaging).

FlapJacked Review - Protein Pancakes

FlapJacked Review - Mighty Muffins

Additional Remarks

  • It was difficult to find FlapJacked products in stores. When a grocer did stock them, it was not the full range. We recommend that you purchase online to save yourself the frustration of looking and only finding a limited selection. Click here for online locations to purchase FlapJacked.
  • The texture of all of the Mighty Muffin flavors (except Cinnamon Apple), were more like a cupcake – light and fluffy. They didn’t have the density of a “typical breakfast muffin”. All of them felt as though you were eating a dessert, not a breakfast food.
  • The Pancake & Baking Mix suggests adding milk in place of water for additional protein. This works well and does add more flavor as well as protein. However, do not attempt this with the Mighty Muffins. The texture becomes thick and mushy. The muffins do not bake properly using milk (we tried).
  • FlapJacked created dozens of recipes you can make using their various mixes (some are listed right on the back of the package). They also put together a few videos to help you get creative with the mixes:
  • Baking time for the Mighty Muffins was different with different powered microwaves. Heed their recommendation and watch it as it bakes to make sure it cooks fully (a low powered microwave will leave you with an uncooked, mushy mess).
  • They are currently only available in the USA ?? and Canada ??.


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