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Bulls Bikes Stampede into the USA

Its a safe bet that most Americans have not heard of the German bike brand, Bulls Bikes. Somehow they’ve stayed off the radar even though the company opened its doors way back in 1994, and their pro team has put up some impressive results recently on the UCI MTB marathon circuit with various wins and several MTB marathon national championships in Europe. Most impressive, however, is their top 3 performances at the daunting Cape Epic MTB stage race in South Africa against the stiffest of competition. Unfortunately they don’t currently have any athletes racing off-road multisport.

Fernando Endara at Sea Otter
Fernando Endara at Sea Otter

At the recent Sea Otter Classic, had the opportunity to meet and chat with VP of Operations for BULLS Bikes USA, Fernando Endara and get the scoop on how Bulls plan to break into the very competitive US MTB market.

Endara told us initially Bulls Bikes USA will roll out with a direct sales model via the Bulls Bikes USA website and store.  While this is not always the most popular option within the industry, due to the model’s sidestepping of traditional distribution and retail channels, it does make sense for a new brand looking to get their foot in the door. Bulls challenge will be in connecting with customers and educating them about a brand and bikes they can’t always see and touch.

However, one major benefit in selling online versus in store is decreased overhead costs which can then be passed onto the customer. For example, Bulls’ top of the line full suspension XC race bike (read that as dirtTRI/XTERRA race bike), the Wild Edge Team 29 comes as a complete bike and well spec’d with full Shimano XTR and the drool worthy Rock Shox RS 1 Solo Air 29 fork for just $5899.00, roughly 30-50% below many comparably spec’d competitors bikes. Which brings us to the debate of lower price vs. full service and tangible shopping. But, we’ll leave that for another article. Bulls does not rule out pursuing traditional retail in the future, but for the time being they will focus on providing affordable, high quality products with a painless purchasing and delivery process.

Bulls Wild Edge Team 29
Bulls Wild Edge Team 29

Did we mention Bulls bikes are delivered almost completely assembled. With all the necessary tools and assembly instructions included in order for you to be on the bike and out the door within 30 minutes of dilivery?

The fact is Bulls Bikes have a race proven, quality product which should have every opportunity to compete in the US market. If you’re in the market for a new dirtTRI bike Bulls is certainly worth a look.



See full press release below:

Bulls Bikes USA opened today for business in the U.S., bringing to the American cycling community German engineering and a wide array of outstanding bikes at an affordable price.

Founded in Germany in 1994, Bulls offers a diverse selection of bicycles including mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, children’s bikes, hybrids, commuters and urban models. The brand has enjoyed notable success and widespread popularity as a staple bike manufacturer throughout Europe and found itself in a favorable position to launch in the U.S. market this year.

Notably the company will initially sell its products only online at

“While we don’t rule-out selling to retail bike shops in the future, we do recognize that the landscape for consumers has changed,” said Sharon Yu, general manager of Bulls Bikes USA. “Selling direct gives us the opportunity to provide a real discount on our products, which directly benefits consumers.”

An example of the selections from Bulls Bikes USA include the Bulls Wild Edge 29 featuring a carbon fiber monocoque frame, full Shimano XT components, Shimano MTB press fit bottom bracket and a Rock Shock RS 1 Solo Air 29” fork. The bike weighs in at 22.7 pounds, and retails for $3,799.

The company will import a limited line in 2015, focusing on 14 mountain bikes and five road bikes, ranging in price from $649 to $5,899. The company’s elite product, the Wild Edge Team 29 is a cross-country and marathon bike that is tested and ridden by Team Bulls, one of the world’s premier endurance cycling teams.

Some of the key bikes Bulls will have immediately for order include the following:

Wild Edge Team 29
Wild Edge 29
Black Adder 29
Copperhead 29 Plus
Copperhead 29
Copperhead 3

“Our bikes are delivered to customers’ doorsteps 99% assembled,” said Fernando Endara, VP of Operations for BULLS Bikes USA. “All necessary tools and assembly steps are provided, making the estimated assembly time less than 20 minutes. We are proud to offer consumers a straightforward and simple solution for getting their new bike ready to ride as soon and safely as possible.”

For more information on the Bulls Bikes USA selection, please contact Jenny Radloff at [email protected]  You can also visit Bulls Bikes on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, @BullsBikesUSA


Founded in Germany in 1994, Bulls offers a diverse selection of bicycles including mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, children’s bikes, hybrids, commuters and urban models. The brand has enjoyed notable success and widespread popularity as a staple bike manufacturer throughout Europe and launched in the U.S. market in 2015. To learn more about Bulls Bikes USA, please visit




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