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Middaugh’s Felt Edict FRD

After 15 years of trying, five knee surgeries… and of course numerous XTERRA National titles and Championship victories, Colorado’s Josiah Middaugh finally scored his first XTERRA World Championship in 2015.

Jim Felt cheers Marinda Carfrae on her way to the 2014 Ironman World Championship Title. Photo - DirtTRI
Jim Felt cheers Marinda Carfrae on her way to the 2014 Ironman World Championship Title. Photo – DirtTRI

Middaugh is one of the most consistent pros in the history of XTERRA triathlon. His competitors regularly praise his commitment to the goal and unparalleled work ethic, with his results echoing these traits.

However, Middaugh’s long time partnership with Felt Bicycles has certainly been a huge benefit. Not only is Felt a top flight brand producing some of the best XC race bikes on the planet, owner Jim Felt is also famous for taking a passionate and personal interest in the careers of the athletes his company supports.

Thanks to Middaugh’s excellent camera work DirtTRI was able to take at look at his 2015 XTERRA World Championship winning race bike.


Josiah Middaugh’s Felt Edict FRD ready to rock prior to the 2015 XTERRA World Championship.

For the 2015 XTERRA World Championship Middaugh rode a Felt Edict FRD 29er in size XL. The “FRD” in that title stands for Felt Racing Development and means that the FRD Edict is 15% stiffer and 10% lighter than the standard version.

Middaugh pimps his ride with ENVE M50 wheels and the feather light Rockshox SID XX World Cup.

To achieve these improvement Felt uses their proprietary UHC Ultimate + TeXtreme® carbon fiber technology. Whats all that mean? Essentially the carbon fiber layup consists of a fabric carbon rather than yarn fibers which allows for more carbon filaments to be placed in a given area. Thus, more carbon in less area = less material needed and therefore less weight and more stiffness. Really want to geek out? Find out more HERE

However, Middaugh doesn’t ride a stock Edict FRD. Rather he has made a few key changes.

While the stock Edict FRD specs the RockShox RS-1 (1666 gr) Middaugh opts for the lighter RockShox SID XX World Cup at 1485 gr.

In addition to the suspension change Middaugh also opts for a full SRAM XX1 gruppo, while the stock bike specs the Race Face NEXT SL crank.

Middaugh's drivetrain consists of SRAM XX1, a Rotor QX1 ring, and Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 pedals.
Middaugh’s drivetrain consists of SRAM XX1, a Rotor QX1 ring, and Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 pedals.

This change is made due to Middaugh’s use of a Rotor QX1 frontchainring. This change is equates to roughly a 100g gain in weight. However, Middaugh obviously believes the benefits of the Rotor QX oval rings trump the slight weight gain, and based on his performances he’s right.

Middaugh is also partnered with ENVE composites and uses their M50 wheelset built with DT Swiss 180 carbon ceramic hubs. In addition to the wheels ENVE is also found in a flat bar, zero setback post, and mountain stem.

Rounding out the package are Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 pedals, a Bontrager RXL bottle cage, Specialized Fast Trak Control Tubeless tires, ESI foam grips, Selle Italia SLR carbon rail saddle, and an insulated American flag Polar Bottle.

During the race Middaugh carried two standard CO2 canisters, one taped to the seat post the other to the stem.

The stock Felt Edict FRD is listed at just under 23lbs for the XL. While we did not get an exact figure from Josiah we would guess that with his changes to the stock spec his bike probably weighs in just under 22lbs. which is just about as light as you can expect to get an XL full suspension cross country bike.

Full Spec on Josiah Middaugh’s XTERRA World Championship winning Felt Edict FRD

  • Frame- Size XL Felt Edict FRD 29er
  • Fork- Rock Shox SID XX World Cup
  • Shock- Rock Shox Monarch XX
  • Rear Derailleur- SRAM XX1 X-Horizon
  • Shifter- XX1 X-ACTUATION Trigger Shifter
  • Crank- SRAM XX1
  • Chainring- Rotor QX1 Q-Ring
  • Chain- SRAM PC-XX1
  • Pedals- Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11
  • Wheels- ENVE M50 built with DT Swiss 180 hubs
  • Brakes- SRAM XX1
  • Stem- ENVE Mountain Stem
  • Bar- ENVE Sweep Bar
  • Seat Post- ENVE 0mm Offset
  • Tires- Specialized Fast Trak Control 2.2
  • Grips- ESI foam grips
  • Bottle Cage- Bontrager RXL
  • Bottle- Polar Insulated Bottle

For more information on Josiah Middaugh’s equipment visit:


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