ON Running Heads Off-Road With Cloudventure

Introducing the Cloudventure – Born in the Swiss Alps

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On Running has introduced its all-new Cloudventure line for the 2016 fall/winter collection. The first trail running shoe line from the award-winning Swiss brand offers an ‘incredibly light and flexible shoe while ensuring superior cushioning and advanced grip.’

“Growing up in the Swiss Alps, the On team learned a thing or two about running in the mountains,” explained Olivier Bernhard, On Co-Founder and six-time IRONMAN Champion. “The perfect trail running shoe needs to be light, flexible and fast, making sure you reach the peak in time to watch the sunrise. It needs reliable grip for when a thunderstorm catches you by surprise and clever cushioning to save your legs when you are flying back down to reach the valley before it gets dark.”

The Cloudventure offers features including:

  • 2-Layer upper supports a fast ascent with a comfortable inner layer and a breathable, light outer layer.
  • The micro-engineered Grip-Rubber profile ‘attacks every stone for ultimate traction in the most demanding conditions’.
  • Intelligent CloudTec cushioning ‘excels in the descent for an unparalleled downhill-ride’.
ON Running Heads Off-Road With Cloudventure
On Running offers four models within two versions of the Cloudventure, Performance and Support.

CloudTec Sole

According to On, the patented CloudTec sole has been conceived for the trail and the road to work in both environments. ‘It only cushions when you need it to combine a soft landing with a powerful push-off.’

On’s new line of trail running shoes features four models: the Cloudventure (£125), the Cloudventure Midtop (£130), the Cloudventure Shield (£140) and the Cloudventure Midtop Shield (£145). A Men’s Size 8 weighs 295g, a Ladies Size 5 is 240g.

The Midtop versions extend the inner layer up to the ankle for extra protection. The Shield versions apply the advanced OnShield membrane directly to the outer layer, making these models ‘fully weatherproof while retaining lightness and an industry-leading breathability’.

The new line will be available in retail from 20 June 2016.

“I have run in many trail shoes, but the On Cloudventure takes off road running to a whole new level,” says Cross Triathlon and XTERRA pro, Ben Allen. “No other trail shoe has the capability to make you feel comfortable, free and confident to tackle what mother nature throws at you.“

‘Guided by a selective distribution strategy’, On is available at 2,200+ specialty running stores in more than 50 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.




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