RinseKit Launch New Shower Products and Accessories for Heat and Pressure On-The-Go

The new RinseKit Plus and larger RinseKit LUX portable showers will be compatible with a line of new accessories for rinsing gear, people and pets.

RinseKit Accessories After a successful Kickstarter campaign and an incredible showing on Shark Tank, the award-winning portable pressurized shower system, RinseKit, reveals its new family of products. RinseKit debuts two new units and optional heater and portable pressure pump accessories.

“We’ve engineered our new products to offer the ultimate convenience for cleaning up pets, gear and people on the go,” said Chris Crawford, RinseKit’s Founder. “RinseKit’s latest products gives anyone who likes to play outdoors an easy way to clean up, rinse off and stay comfortable no matter where they are.”

The new family of products will include two all-new portable RinseKits. The LUX features a Soft Tote exterior design, allowing the LUX to be compatible with the new accessories and doubles as a soft cooler – simply remove the pressure chamber and you’ve got yourself the perfect beer cooler. Packed with new features and up to 50-percent more spray time, the versatile LUX unit retails for $159.95. A Hot Water Sink Adaptor, which allows the unit to connect to any sink faucet, is included with both new LUX and Plus RinseKit models. The LUX accommodates new accessories, the all-new heater system and the pressure booster pump that allows users to pressurize the unit using still water from any source.

Building on the functional ease of the original award-winning RinseKit, the RinseKit Plus ($99.95) has been designed to increase spray efficiency by 50% and accommodate the new line of accessories; the heater and the pressure booster.

First in the lineup of new accessories is the Hot Rod Water Heater. Funded by the launch of a Kickstarter campaign in 2016, the Hot Rod quickly and safely heats the water in the RinseKit using a car’s accessory socket for power. The heater is compatible with all RinseKit models, making it an easy and efficient way to take a hot shower anywhere. Simply screw in the Hot Rod to the RinseKit’s accessory port, plug into any standard car outlet and enjoy a hot shower wherever you are. The Hot Rod Water Heater will be available at RinseKit retailers and on the company’s website for $69.95.

The new Pressure Booster is great for anyone looking to use the RinseKit without access to a spigot or faucet. The Pressure Booster is designed to make it easy for users to pressurize their RinseKit in even the most remote places using still water or filtered water from a lake or stream. Retailing for $34.95, this portable pressure system makes the RinseKit more versatile than ever before.

“RinseKit’s goal is to provide with the ultimate portable clean up – like having a hose to go! This new line of products makes the RinseKit the most simple and useful portable shower on the market today,” said Crawford.

In just three years the company has received national recognition for its innovative design and variety of uses. From surfers and outdoor adventurers to parents and pet owners, RinseKit offers convenience for everyone. The new family of products is available for purchase both online and at RinseKit retailers.




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