Skratch Labs Raise the Bar

New Anytime Energy Bars Launched by Skratch Labs

Boulder Colorado based, Skratch Labs, have announced the release of its Anytime Energy Bars.  Made with real food that provides enough clean fuel for Tour de France cyclists, but tasty enough as a snack any time of day, the bars come in three varieties made with real fruit, nuts, brown rice crisps and quinoa.

“We wanted to keep the bar as simple as possible, using the fewest number of whole food ingredients” Dr. Allen Lim

The recipe was purposefully created with a balance of protein, carbs and fat with a claimed 50% less sugar than traditional energy bars. The Anytime Energy Bars, sold individually and in packs of 12, will be available online and in stores throughout the United States.

The Anytime Energy Bar, both chewy and crispy, is positioned as an all-natural food bar available in three flavors – Almond Chocolate Chip, Pistachio Cherry and Ginger Miso. Each bar is made with plant-based ingredients which can allow easier digestion, fast absorption and sustained energy. Additionally, each bar is vegan, dairy free, non-GMO, cholesterol free and has no trans fats.

“After noticing that pre-packaged energy bars were constantly being consumed because of convenience, we decided to try to make an option that was healthier,” said Dr Allen Lim, founder of Skratch Labs. “Each Anytime Energy Bar provides a balanced nutrient profile, using the fewest number of whole food ingredients, and enough energy density to ensure that the best athletes in the world can perform at their highest level or to stave off hunger anytime of the day.”

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Skratch Labs is a functional food and beverage brand with a variety of food and drink mixes that ‘hydrate, fuel and rebuild’. Skratch Labs was founded by Dr Allen Lim. He was determined to create a sports drink that didn’t make his athletes sick by using less sugar, more sodium and real food ingredients.

Find more on the Skratch Blog: Anytime Energy Bars: The Complete Story.




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