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Speedplay Shipping SYZR MTB Pedal…Finally

After several years of development the Speedplay SYZR mountain bike pedals appear finally ready for showtime. According to a post today on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News the pedals are currently being shipped to retailers.

Speedplay’s ultralight Zero line have long been a favorite of many road triathletes for their lightweight and unencumbered float. However, the companies off road/MTB offering, The Frog, has been nowhere near as successful. In short, The Frog was almost a failure, they were light, but didn’t work as well as other options, they clogged with mud, and they have not been updated since significantly since the mid-90’s. Of course some will debate my opinion, but the fact is they are outdated and not nearly as good as many other options currently available. At best you can say the Frogs were decent once upon a time.

The SYZR was supposed to make up for all that. However, they have been a long time coming. It would appear the wait is finally over. According to Speedplay:

The SYZR Pedal System is the culmination of a multi-year effort to develop a from-the-ground-up redesign of the traditional mountain bike pedal. Our goal was to take a fresh approach and create a completely new category of pedal that would deliver the same state-of-the-art features and performance as a Speedplay road pedal system.

The SYZR is a ground-breaking combination of seven new patented technologies blended into one mechanism. This combination of new technologies provides a true, next-level user experience.

Three game-changing and instantly noticeable benefits of the SYZR pedal design are:

Improved Power Transfer – The SYZR delivers direct, through-the-cleat power transfer instead of through the rubber sole of the shoes like other brands. Power is delivered efficiently with no energy loss from sole compression.

Inherent Platform Stability – The precision pedal-to-cleat connection eliminates the slop and lateral instability of traditional off-road pedal systems and delivers the same stable feel as Speedplay Zeros.

Built-in, Micro-Adjustable Float – By designing a pivot mechanism directly into the cleat, the SYZR is the only off-road pedal system to provide a 10-degree range of true, micro-adjustable float.

Hand assembled at Speedplay in San Diego, California.

So, an American made pedal that appears to tick all the “must have” boxes. The only problem is they retail at $229 for the Stainless Steel and $420 for the Titanium models. The argument there is that they are fully serviceable. So, you don’t have to buy new ones you can just maintain the old ones. Only time will tell on that front.

DirtTRI is currently trying to get a pair of SYZRs to demo.




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