STRAVA Replaces Premium Membership with Summit

STRAVA Launch Goal Focused “Summit” Program


Strava, the social network for athletes, has rolled out Summit, which replaces Strava Premium, with the aim of delivering greater value to a broader range of athletes with more focused membership programs. Strava’s new paid-membership offering has ‘Training, Safety and Analysis Packs allowing athletes to tailor features to reach their goals.’

A release from Strava notes that ‘Every athlete has a goal to strive for and a summit to reach. Whether it’s getting fit, training for a 5K, completing a century ride or feeling safer while out for a run, Strava’s new membership service Summit provides the tools to meet any goal.’

Pick Your Pack

With Training, Safety and Analysis Packs available as an all-inclusive bundle or à la carte, Summit aims to better serve the specific needs of athletes everywhere as they strive to reach their goals.

  • Summit’s Training Pack provides all the tools and insights athletes need to train smarter.
  • The Analysis Pack allows a deep dive into performance data from connected devices.
  • The Safety Pack enables exploration of new roads and trails with peace of mind and added security from Beacon, a real-time tracking tool for athletes to privately share their location with select friends and family.

Strava is a community of athletes helping each other achieve their goals James Quarles, Strava CEO

“Strava is a community of athletes helping each other achieve their goals,” says James Quarles, CEO of Strava. “92% of Strava athletes who set goals remain active ten months later. Summit Packs are designed to better tailor and personalize our features to members’ needs. Whether your goal is returning from injury or training for your first marathon, Summit Packs provide the performance tools you need along the way.”

Focused on goal setting and metrics, the Training Pack for all types of athletes, whether preparing for a race or just getting in better shape. Features include Training Plans; Real-Time GPS Tracking for smartphones; Custom Goals by time, distance, power or segment to stay motivated; Race Analysis to break down pace fluctuations and splits; Filtered Leaderboards by age and weight; and breakdowns of KOM and PR attempts on athletes’ favourite Strava segments.

Right out of the app store, Strava already works with all GPS devices and all heart-rate monitors and power meters with Bluetooth LE, and the Analysis Pack allows members to get the most out of any device they connect to Strava. Detailed insights include Workout Analysis to visualize pace zones and lap data for workouts; Fitness and Freshness to assess the impact of workouts over time and track whether it’s time to race or rest; Live Segments to compete against personal best efforts or others in real time; Power Analysis to decode power meter data and assess performance and fitness; and Relative Effort to help athletes train consistently and stay in the sweet spot for safely building fitness.

The Safety Pack helps members plan adventures on (or off) well-travelled routes, enjoy unique visualizations with Personal Heatmaps and stay safe while exploring. With Beacon, Summit members select safety contacts who get to see where they are during an activity in real time on a map – and if they’re running late because they’re still hanging out at the coffee shop or because they’re stuck on the side of the road and need help.

Whether an athlete chooses one Summit Pack or all of them, Strava notes that each member is a full-fledged, bonafide Summit athlete. Every Summit athlete gets expedited assistance from Strava’s dedicated Support Team and ‘white-hot discounts and other Summit Perks from Strava’s partners and industry friends’.

Annual Strava Summit memberships offer significant savings whether choosing all three packs (US$59.99 / £47.99) or an individual pack (US$23.99 / £18.99), while monthly memberships provide flexibility to try a single pack (US$2.99 / £2.49) or the full menu (US$7.99 / £6.99). Existing Strava Premium athletes retain access to all the advanced features at their current price.


Strava, the social network for athletes, boasts more than 32 million users in 195 countries. The company will add 50 new full-time employees by the end of 2018, including a country manager to lead growth efforts in Japan, joining country managers supervising the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France and Brazil. In January, Strava opened a new office in Denver, Colorado, and this summer relocated its San Francisco, California, headquarters to a larger space in the Potrero Hill neighborhood.

  • 25 activities uploaded every second, 15.3 million every week
  • 300+ compatible mobile phones and GPS devices
  • 165+ employees, most in San Francisco with more in Denver, Hanover and Bristol
  • 1,100+ professional athletes are on Strava
  • 1 million athletes join every 30 days
  • More than 32 million Strava athletes upload activities from 195 countries
  • 2.3 billion kudos given between athletes last year
  • Over 4 million photos shared per week on Strava
  • 85 million comments and Kudos given by Strava athletes per week
  • 130+ cities making commuting better with Strava Metro


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