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DirtTRI Interview: XTERRA Pro Francisco Serrano

XTERRA Mexico is this Saturday. Considering this fact thought now would be a great time to catch up with the most experienced Mexican XTERRA pro, and 2015 XTERRA West Champion, Francisco Serrano.

Over his career Serrano has been an Olympian, XTERRA Champion, 70.3 Champion, and just last year became a father and started his own coaching business,

Although Serrano’s life may have become a bit more busy recently, his fitness seems to be at its peak as Serrano proved with a dominant win over a very strong field at the XTERRA West Championship on April 25.

Saturday Serrano, the 2006 and 2012 Champions, will face the deepest field in XTERRA Mexico history. Below is our conversation: Francisco, this is the closest thing to a home race you have on the XTERRA Series, but it really isn’t close to Monterrey. Would you consider this a home race?

Francisco Serrano: I can say I love to race in Mexico but Tapalpa is not really quite a home race for me.  Tapalpa is at altitude and can be a cold and muddy race venue. I live in Monterrey, in a dry, hot, sea level city. I think guys from Colorado may feel more at home with the course. However the support from the people is amazing and the race they put on here and the pro athlete service hasn’t been matched anywhere in the world. How many times have you done XTERRA Mexico?

Francisco Serrano: Twice. Once in 2006 and another in 2012. Actually there was another one but only Mexicans raced that time in 2005.

Serrano Wins the XTERRA West Championship. Photo - XTERRA
Serrano Wins the XTERRA West Championship. Photo – XTERRA You won the XTERRA West Championship in April, have you done any other XTERRA or mountain bike races since then?

Francisco Serrano: Not actually, just one mountain bike race, a local 60k marathon and won it. I did one none drafting triathlon and two road races. How would you compare the XTERRA scene in Mexico to the USA?

Francisco Serrano: Mexico is growing, and they put on really well organized races. I haven’t raced in the US for a long time, until Vegas so I can’t really say, but I’ve loved XTERRA every place I’ve been. How has your year gone in terms of racing, coaching, etc?

Photo Credit - Franciso Serrano
Serrano at the 70.3 Monterrey. Photo Credit – Franciso Serrano

Francisco Serrano: It has gone great, very few bad races or injuries which is great. The only two races I was sad about were my hometown races. In the 70.3 Monterrey, were i came 2nd last year, I had some bike problems. With a strong field I lost too much time and was far from the podium. Our National Olympic distance race turned out to be and ITU Pan American Championship so I wasn’t able to race due of the Mexican federation standards I had not met. Besides that everything has gone well with XTERRA Vegas as a high for the season. What are your goals for this weekend:

Francisco Serrano: This is the strongest field ever for the XTERRA Mexico Championship. I hope I come up with my best form. To be on the podium and win will make me so happy. I cancelled pretty much all other plans to focus on this race, Maui, and the ITU Cross Champs. I’m not very happy with mud and altitude, but bring it. What races do you have left on your schedule this year?

Francisco Serrano: After XTERRA Mexico, I would like to go to the ITU Cross-Triathlon Worlds, XTERRA Maui,  and maybe a 70.3. If I can make to to Italy (for ITU Cross-Triathlon Worlds) I will try for XTERRA USA Nationals. How many off road triathlons are there in Mexico?

Francisco Serrano:  Two from the XTERRA brand and some other off road tris, nothing big. The format is growing, hopefully we will have many more races in the future. 

Find more information on XTERRA Mexico HERE.

Find more on Serrano’s coaching on the 3xtreme FaceBook page HERE.


2014 (Tapalpa) Irving Perez, Fabiola Corona
2013 (Tapalpa) Leonardo Chacon, Fabiola Corona
2012 (Tapalpa) Francisco Serrano, Renata Bucher
2011 (Tapalpa) Seth Wealing, Shonny Vanlandingham
2010 (Valle de Bravo) Seth Wealing, Fabiola Corona
2009 (Valle de Bravo) Seth Wealing, Shonny Vanlandingham
2006 (Puerto Vallarta) Francisco Serrano, Jamie Whitmore


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