Richmond Cross Tri is BACK!

Cross Triathlon’s Most Passionate Fans Get Their Race Back

By Ian King –

Last December XTERRA announced the creation of the Pan Am Tour  and the associated cancellation of the XTERRA East Championship in Richmond as well as the West Championship in Las Vegas.

Beginning in 2000, XTERRA Richmond is the oldest XTERRA Points Series event boasting a fantastic course and hoards of passionate costume wearing fans. Loosing the Richmond event left XTERRA stalwarts understandably saddened.

In a somewhat unapologetic statement XTERRA explained costs had become prohibitive, saying:

It’s expensive to rent and operate on Brown’s Island.  And there are all sorts of logistic problems to try and stage the event at another RVA spot and use the same trails.  We’ve considered, reviewed, evaluated, and kicked dirt around at numerous alternative spots with no success.

However, Richmond’s passionate athletes and event promoters would not be deterred. After a few days of rumors flying around social media, it is now safe to confirm that there will be an off-road triathlon in downtown Richmond, Virginia in 2016. The event will be produced by RunRideRace, a local organizer and will be on June 12.

The race staging area will move to another location in downtown Richmond, although the course
will preserve the Buttermilk, Forest Hills, and North Bank trails we all grew to love with the
XTERRA East Championship. As of right now, the race will not be part of the XTERRA series
in 2016, although RunRideRace indicated that they may intend to submit the race for the
XTERRA America Tour as a points series race in 2017. In addition to the XTERRA banner
missing in 2016, RunRideRace said that there will not be a pro purse in 2016. However, as they
gain more support, they would like to bring this back.

RunRideRace is a local event organizer in the Richmond area, with an event portfolio that
includes Monster Cross, a 25 or 50-mile dirt/gravel race, the Run Like a Girl womens-only run
series, and the Sorry Honey I’ve Gotta Work Late weeknight cyclocross series. Look for a
follow-up article with a bit more detail in the near future.




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