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ENVE Composites Highlight Partnerships Via Limited Edition Offerings

ENVE Introduces Limited Special Edition Wheelsets

ENVE composites has launched a limited edition wheelset program aimed at highlighting ENVE’s athlete and team partnerships. During each month in 2016 ENVE will release a limited number of special edition road and mountain wheelsets themed upon on of ENVE’s partners.

We would assume ENVE athletes and XTERRA World Champions, Josiah Middaugh and Lesley Paterson will be featured a some point during the year. However, after reaching out to ENVE, DirtTRI has not had confirmation on that assumption.

Be sure to keep an eye on ENVE’s social media for announcements on each months special editions.

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ENVE Press Release below:

ENVE has announced that during each month of 2016 they will be releasing a limited number of special edition wheelsets. Each month ENVE will release an exclusive wheelset themed upon ENVE’s partner teams, athletes, designers, charities, and custom frame builders.
ENVE’s January special edition wheelset featured the SES 4.5 Clincher with a custom painted ENVECarbon Hub that highlights ENVE’s partnership with Team Dimension Data and the Qhubeka charity forwhom the team races to raise awareness.
“We are very excited about the limited edition concept, aside from the “surprise me” nature of each month’s theme, it allows ENVE to showcase the stories of US manufacturing, sponsorship, and a ride lifestyle that drive ENVE product development,” stated Director of Marketing Jake Pantone.
Each ENVE Limited Edition wheelset will feature exclusive wheel artwork, matching hubs with ceramic bearings, custom memorabilia, and double wheel bags. These wheelsets will be available in limited configurations and quantities world-wide, direct from ENVE and through ENVE’s established distribution channels.
ENVE’s monthly limited edition wheelsets will be unveiled at the beginning of each month via email to ENVE’s distribution channels, VIP customers, newsletter subscribers and social media channels.




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