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Scott Sports – 5 Questions for XTERRA World Champ: Flora Duffy


From SCOTT Sports

16 February 2015

Flora Duffy has represented Bermuda in the Olympic Triathlon at the 2008 games in Beijing and at the 2012 games in London. After the summer 2012 games, Flora announced that she would give Cross-Triathlon a shot before the qualification process for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio starts. In the meantime, Flora has become the female to beat. In 2014 she won the XTERRA World Championships in Maui and finished in second at the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships in Zittau, Germany. Flora has kicked off her 2015 race season with a stellar performance at the XTERRA Philippines 10 days ago. We’ve asked her about her success in 2014, her goals in 2015 and her uncommon name, Flora.

Flora, you just kicked off your 2015 race season with a very convincing win at XTERRA Philippines. Does this performance reflect a successful build-up for 2015?
Yeah, my build up for 2015 has gone surprisingly well. I took a long break after Maui and went on a bit of a holiday. I spent time in Bermuda, NYC and South Africa. I spend December- April in Stellenbosch, South Africa so the sunny, warm weather and awesome trails lend themselves to happy training. It was a bit of a relief to win in the Philippines because it is always nice to start the year with a positive, successful race.

You got second at the ITU Cross Triathlon Worlds and won the XTERRA World Championships in October last year. What are your goals and motivations for 2015? Is triathlon at the Olympic Games in 2016 still a goal for you?
Winning the ITU Cross triathlon is one of my goals for 2015. I would love to repeat in Maui too. Alongside those two goals, is qualifying for the 2016 Olympics. Quite a full schedule of racing. I’ve competed in both Beijing and London so would love to qualify for Rio to make it three in a row.

You’re racing for Bermuda. Did you grow up there or what is the story with you and this tiny island in the Atlantic?
I was born and raised in Bermuda. My parents moved to Bermuda in their early twenties from England for work and 35 years later they are still there. Bermuda is a beautiful little island and I am so lucky to have grown up there. My parents and brothers still live there, so once the race season is over, you’ll find me in Bermuda enjoying the novelties of being at home. I’m proudly Bermudian but split most of my time between Boulder, Colorado and Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Flora is a very special name. Do you know the reason why your parents chose this name for you?
Yeah, Flora is a very unique name. I think I have come across one other Flora in my life. They named me after Flora McDonald, a famous Scottish heroine who helped ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ to evade capture. Honestly, I don’t know too much about her other than that, but from what I gather she was a courageous, independent, fearless young women. And I suppose my parents hoped I would have those characteristics too.




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