Bermuda Crowns XTERRA World Champ Flora Duffy 2014 Athlete of the Year

Bermuda has crowned XTERRA pro Flora Duffy the 2014 Female Athlete of the Year. In addition to an XTERRA World Championship and 2nd place at the ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship, Duffy had a remarkable year in 2014 both on and off-road. The Bernews website stated:

Duffy won the 2014 Xterra World Championship in Hawaii, Duffy also won the XTERRA Nationals in Utah, XTERRA Championship in South Africa, the XTERRA West Championship in Nevada, the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship in Australia and the XTERRA Southeast Championship in Alabama.

In the traditional Triathlon, Duffy finished 20th during the ITU World Triathlon in Grand Final Edmonton, she was second during the Zittau ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships, 8th in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, 18th during the ITU World Triathlon in Chicago, she finished 4th during the Dallas PATCO Triathlon Pan American Championships and she finished 3rd while taking part in the Cape Town ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup. Duffy completed a remarkable year of racing as she won the Queen of Bermuda Triathlon. congratulates Duffy on a brilliant year and looks forward to what 2015 will bring. With two significant dirtTRI wins already this year we expect Duffy will continue to be hard to beat.




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