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DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #10 – 27-28 February 2016

DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #10

Every week the DirtTRI Weekend Roundup brings you all the news from the previous weeks competitive off road multisport events.

If we missed your event, or you want to share a future event contact us HERE.

  • Australian X-Tri Championships
  • Bikeaholic Off-Road Duathlon
  • Bowhill Duathlon Series – Long Race
  • Desert Classic Duathlon – Off Road
  • Otago Central Rail Trail Duathlon
  • Wild Wendigo Adventure Race

Australian X-Tri Championships

February 27-28, 2016

X-Tri Championship: 1500m swim, 30k mountain bike, 10k trail run

Sprint X-Tri/Junior/ParaTri: 400m swim, 15k mountain bike, 5k trail run

Teaser/Junior X-Tri: 200m swim, 6k mountain bike, 1k trail run

Dirt Kids: 50m swim, 2k mountain bike, 500m trail run

The 2015/2016 Australian Cross Triathlon (X-Tri) Championships took place on the shores of Lake Crackenback in NSW, Australia, under beautiful sunny skies. The venue is the same that will be used for the 2016 ITU X-Triathlon World Championships held on November, 2016. Ben Allen (AUS) and Renata Bucher (SWI) claimed the overall titles.




  1. Ben Allen 2:28:05
  2. Brodie Gardner 2:38:56
  3. Robert Skillman 2:41:56


  1. Renata Bucher 2:50:11
  2. Jacqui Slack 2:52:27
  3. Catherine Sterling 2:53:51

See the full results from the Australian X-Triathlon Champs, Trail Run, and Sprint X-Triathlon here. Photos from the weekends events can be found here. And for more videos and photos, check out the In2Adventure Facebook Page.

They also put together a video with all the action from the future champions in the TreX Dirt Kids race.

Bikeaholic Off-Road Duathlon

February 28, 2016

3.8k trail run, 22k mountain bike, 3.8k trail run

Sunny skies lead to fast, tight racing in the forests north of Antwerp, Belguim for the Bikeaholic Off-Road Duathlon. Wouter Wuilmus and Silke Baumer took the overall titles on the day.


Bikeaholic Off Road Duathlon - Photo by Lopersgroep Putte
Bikeaholic Off Road Duathlon – Photo by Lopersgroep Putte


  1. Wouter Wuilmus  01:23:05
  2. Micha Van Den Eynde  01:23:29
  3. Yeray Luxem  01:23:57


  1. Silke Bäumer  01:44:39
  2. Kristien Nelen  01:47:25
  3. Leen Leysen  01:53:04

For full results for the Adventure (full duathlon), Discovery (sprint distance duathlon), and Kids Race click here.

Bowhill Duathlon Series – Long Race

February 28, 2016

10.4k mountain bike, 4.6k trail run

With the mud mostly frozen from low overnight temperatures and the sun shining, the Bowhill Duathlon Series wrapped up its final event of the 2015/2016 season this past weekend.  That marked the 14th year this is a popular series of low-key, back-to-basics off-road duathlons, has taken place in the Scottish Borders.

2016 Bowhill Duathlon - Photo: Durty Events
Pete Laing emerging from the Tunnel of Love at Bowhill Duathlon – Photo: Durty Events



  1. Ewan Brown 1:17:47
  2. Brian Mclellan 1:18:58
  3. Scott Lindsay 1:20:00


  1. Sally Barr 1:37:30
  2. Erin Beveridge 1:49:39
  3. Corrie Roberts 1:51:00

For full results and to see the 2015/2016 Series Standings, click here.

Desert Classic Duathlon

February 27, 2016

3.51 mile trail run, 19 mile mountain bike, 3.51 mile trail run

Cross tri pro’s Branden Rakita and Cody Waite battled it out in the desert hills just outside Phoenix, Arizona, USA at the Desert Classic Duathlon. Rakita held off Waite to take the win, while Kata Skaggs claimed the overall female title.

“Good gut check with my first multisport race in 18 months. Wow! I forgot how unpleasant running off the bike is. Feeling positive and eager for my 2016 XTERRA season to kick off in May!” –2nd place finisher Cody Waite


Cross triathlon pro Cody Waite enjoying the sun on a pre-ride of the Desert Classic Duathlon course - Photo: Cody Waite
Cross triathlon pro Cody Waite enjoying the sun on a pre-ride of the Desert Classic Duathlon course – Photo: Cody Waite



  1. Branden Rakita  1:55:53.7
  2. Cody Waite  1:56:12.2
  3. Les Walc  2:10:18.1


  1. Kata Skaggs  2:15:41.2
  2. Shawna Glazier  2:15:55.4
  3. Leah Yost  2:40:23.3

To see full results and division breakdowns, click here.

Otago Central Rail Trail Duathlon

February 27-28, 2016

7k trail run, 37k mountain bike, 11k trail run, 37k mountain bike, 8k trail run, 25k mountain bike, 17k mountain bike, 9k trail run

Runners head out on foot at the start of the 2 day Otaga Central Trail Trial Duathlon.

A unique two day event, the Otago Central Rail Trail Duathlon, took athletes 150km by foot and bike from the town of Clyde to Middlemarch on New Zealand’s south island. The majority of the field was comprised of multi-person team, but a few brave souls took on the challenge singlehandedly.



  1. Alex Dodds  3:39:44
  2. Tim Kemmett  4:32:11
  3. Hugh Davidson  5:01:37


  1. Sarah Sanderson  5:01:08

For full results in all divisions, click here.

Wild Wendigo Adventure Race

February 27, 2016

2 mile paddle, 12 mile mountain bike, 5 mile trail run/trek

The Wild Wendigo Adventure Race in Belton, Texas, USA was comprised of a paddle, mountain bike, trail run, and special challenges sections. Results had not been posted at the time of this article.




Will Kelsay

Will Kelsay is one of the top cross triathletes in the world with a 10 year career spanning 5 continents competing in more than 18 countries. He has 20 career wins and more than 70 top 5 finishes. Anyone who has met him knows his passion for the sport is only overshadowed by his huge smile & his appetite for fun.

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