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DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #21 – June 25-26, 2016

DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #21

Every week the DirtTRI Weekend Roundup brings you the news from the previous weekends competitive off-road multisport events from around the world.

If we missed your event, or you want to share a future event contact us HERE. This roundup includes:

  • XTERRA Mine Over Matter
  • XTERRA Switzerland/ETU Cross Triathlon Championship
  • XTERRA French River 
  • Beach Challenge
  • XTERRA Tsali
  • XTERRA Tahoe City

XTERRA Mine Over Matter

Milton, Ontario, CanadaKarsten Madsen and Suzie Snyder won the elite titles at the XTERRA Mine over Matter off-road triathlon on a beautiful day at the Kelso Conservation Area in Milton this morning.

For Madsen, it’s his first-ever XTERRA major victory and it came in front of a big contingent of family and friends on a course he’s ridden “a million times.”

“This race had more stress than the others, since it is more of a hometown race. You feel you are expected to win, although that is the pressure I put on myself.” – Karsten Madsen

In the women’s race Suzie Snyder won her second Pan Am Pro Series race in as many tries, solidifying her successful return to the sport after nearly a full year spent recovering from a broken pelvis.

“It was amazing,” said Snyder, who picked up her fourth XTERRA major in the span of one calendar year.  “It was hard today, the shorter distance makes it that much harder in intensity and mentally, which also makes it more enjoyable and lots of fun while you are suffering.”



  1. Karsten Madsen  01:39:42
  2. Chris Ganter  01:44:31
  3. Branden Rakita  01:45:25


  1. Suzie Snyder  01:52:12
  2. Joanna Brown  01:54:11
  3. Maia Ignatz  01:54:23

For full results, click here.

XTERRA Switzerland/ETU Cross Triathlon Championship

Vallee de Joux, Switzerland Ruben Ruzafa and Michelle Flipo captured the XTERRA Switzerland / ETU European Cross Triathlon Championship under extreme weather conditions in the Vallee de Joux on Saturday afternoon.

DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #21 - XTERRA Switzerland Photo: XTERRA Europe
Koddens and Daubord racing for 2nd place on the run at XTERRA Switzerland Photo: XTERRA Europe

The win is Ruzafa’s second straight on the European Tour this year and his 21st XTERRA major victory in 26 races since winning Worlds as a rookie in 2008.  For Flipo, the win is her first on the XTERRA World Tour.

“Nobody was going to catch Ruben today,” said Ben Allen as he chatted with Brad Weiss at the awards.  “All those years as a pro mountain biker just makes him unbelievable in conditions like this.”

The women’s winner was also all smiles and like a champ should say – she said “I’m going to Maui.”

To read the full race report, click here.

DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #21 - XTERRA Switzerland Photo: XTERRA Europe
Lou Fox of Great Britain, was all smiles as she rounded out the top 10 at XTERRA Switzerland Photo: XTERRA Europe



  1. Ruben Ruzafa  02:47:58
  2. Kris Coddens  02:49:18
  3. Brice Daubord  02:49:28


  1. Michelle Flipo  03:18:40
  2. Jacqui Slack  03:21:16
  3. Myriam Guillot-Boisset  03:21:20

For full results, click here.

XTERRA French River



  1. Dominic Gillen  01:42:09
  2. Spencer Ralston  01:45:20
  3. Joshua Loren  01:48:20


  1. Kelli Montgomery  02:02:57
  2. Kathleen Wanat  02:05:27
  3. Stephanie Landy  02:11:32

For full results, click here.

Beach Challenge

(Please pardon the Google translation)

On Saturday was as always the triathlon on the program, now in two series, short and long. The short version consisted of swimming 500 m, 14 km mountain biking and 4.5 km running into sea, beach, by the Rubble Dunes and walk round also by Westbroek Park. The distances of the lung-series were two times longer.

DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #21 - Beach Challenge Photo: Beach Challenge
Sand, sand, and more sand at the Beach Challenge in The Hague, The Netherlands Photo: Beach Challenge

At the forefront was fought hard for the podium. Reshuffle when swimming in the North Sea or on the bike trail with a lot of climbing and afdaalwerk, sometimes simply the stairs. Knew many avid holiday makers on the tough course to complete their Beach Challenge.

The win went to Edo van der Meer, closely followed by Glenn Wesseling and in third place Christiaan Solleveld. In the women’s earnings went to Sylvia Brouwer. Second was Marloes Koedam and third Chantal Rüegg.

In the short series were ereplekken for Bobby van den Enden (1), Freek van den Wildenberg (2) and Maarten Cuckoo (3). The ladies shared the medals as follows: Mathilde Slabbekoorn (1), Laura Oudenhoven (2), Annette de Bot (3).

The organization of the Beach Challenge looks back on a very successful event and would like its partners, sponsors, volunteers and of course thank all participants for this.

Wedstrijdverslag Beach Challenge 2016, Cross Triathlon from Frank Hamelink on Vimeo.
More photos and videos of the Beach Challenge can be found here.



  1. Edo van der Meer  01:56:22
  2. Glenn Wesseling  01:57:13
  3. Christiaan Solleveld  02:00:46


  1. Silvia Brouwer  02:22:43
  2. Marloes Koedam  02:23:52
  3. Chantal Ruegg  02:28:39

For full results, click here.

XTERRA Tsali  &  XTERRA Tahoe City

We were unable to find photos, videos, or race reports from XTERRA Tsali and XTERRA Tahoe City at the time of posting, but you can check out the results below.

XTERRA Tsali Results

XTERRA Tahoe City Results




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