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DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #9 – 20-21 February 2016

DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #9

Every week the DirtTRI Weekend Roundup brings you all the news from the previous weeks competitive off road multisport events.

If we missed your event, or you want to share a future events contact us HERE.

  • XTERRA South Africa Championship
  • XTERRA Nordic Cross Duathlon Helsingør
  • NuTriCross Lanzarote
  • Quebec City Pentathlon des Neiges
  • 2016 Québec ITU S3 Winter Triathlon World Cup
  • Darwin Tri Club Off-Road Triathlon #2
  • James Grant Memorial Multisport Race
  • Belgian/Dutch Cross Duathlon Series

XTERRA South Africa Championship

XTERRA South Africa Grabouw - Mountain bike - Photo Credit: Volume Photography Tobias Ginsberg
How can you not have fun in a place like this?!? XTERRA South Africa Grabouw – Photo Credit: Volume Photography Tobias Ginsberg

The largest XTERRA event in the world took place in Grabouw, South Africa this past weekend, with over 2000 XTERRA Warriors battling it out for the coveted title of South African XTERRA Champion. There were also numerous age group qualification slots up for grabs for the XTERRA World Championship held annually in October in Hawaii.

Over the years, Grabouw has become synonymous with XTERRA. The unforgiving yet extremely beautiful and rewarding terrain provides a fair and awesome challenge to all Warriors. Whether it’s busting a lung on the tough climbs of the MTB leg or sprinting for glory during the run leg on the soft sand of the dam’s beach, Fedhealth XTERRA Grabouw pushes athletes to their limits while invigorating them at the same time. This is an event that has become a true celebration of South Africa’s healthy and active lifestyle. Overseas visitors are always in awe of the culture and atmosphere that Fedhealth XTERRA Grabouw has created.

The 2016 edition went to Bradley Wiess, taking his  fourth win in five weeks, and defending XTERRA World Champion, Flora Duffy, who kicked of here 2016 campaign in winning style.

Find full results and the XTERRA Race Report HERE. 

Find the Race Report and Results of the half distance XTERRA Lite HERE


1 Bradley Weiss 02:30:42, 2 James Cunnama 02:32:39, 3 Aiden Dunster 02:35:01, 4 Michael Lord 02:35:44, 5 Antoine Van Heerden 02:36:12, 6 Jan Pyott 02:38:26, 7 Jeffrey Neethling 02:41:19, 8 Brad Matthew Edwards 02:43:17, 9 Aidan Nugent 02:44:39, 10 Darryn Purtell 02:45:56

RESULTS: Open Women

1 Flora Duffy 02:39:08, 2 Carina Wasle 02:56:05, 3 Susan Sloan 02:57:32, 4 Carla Van Huyssteen 02:58:54, 5 Nicolette Griffioen 03:03:08, 6 Sandra Koblmuller 03:05:18, 7 Adrienne Moolman 03:15:41, 8 Denine Van Heerden 03:15:52, 9 Denine Van Heerden 03:15:52, 10 Johandri Leicester 03:18:46

XTERRA Nordic Cross Duathlon Helsingør

XTERRA_Nordic_Helsingor_DuRace three of the four event XTERRA Nordic Cross Duathlon Series stopped in Helsingør, Denmark.

The 5k run/17k MTB/5k run offered up muddy conditions but plenty of sun on race day  to counter the damp race course. Anders Laustsen and Iben Nelson won the men’s and women’s titles on the day and will carry that momentum into the Series finale in Hedeland, Denmark on March 20.

Find full results HERE. 

Be sure to follow XTERRA Nordic on Facebook for information and hundreds of great photos from their events.


  1. Anders Laustsen 1:35:44
  2. Martin Bissenbacker 1:43:32
  3. Anders Andreasen1:45:14
  4. Nicklas Hult 1:45:36
  5. Kristoffer Visti Graae 1:46:25


  1. Iben Nelson 1:59:36
  2. Kristine Nørgaard 2:00:50
  3. Anna Olivarius 2:08:12 27:09
  4. Mette Flansmose 2:12:40
  5. Marianne Nielsen 2:20:46

NuTriCross Lanzarote

NuTriCross_Lanzarote_2016In the Canary Islands it was time for Europe’s first cross triathlon of 2016, the NuTriCross Lanzarote.

A surprising rain storm kept racers cool at the second annual NuTriCross Lanzarote. However, a little rain and mud is all part of the fun for cross triathletes.

Britain’s Stephen Bayliss and Alena Stevens were victorious over the 750m Swim/20km MTB/5 km Run with Bayliss’ wife, Bella, also claiming second in the women’s event.

Find the full race report and results HERE. 


  1. Bayliss, Stephen 01:10:06
  2. Drajer, Leon Martin 01:13:22
  3. Vovrusko, Viktors 01:13:49
  4. Rodriguez Camacho, Fernando 01:14:15
  5. Joos, Marc 01:18:04


  1. Stevens, Alena 01:22:39
  2. Bayliss, Bella 01:26:01
  3. Biddlestone, Lucy 01:30:09
  4. Mulcahy, Laura Jane 01:33:52
  5. Carmona Ramos, Mer 01:41:20

Quebec City Pentathlon des Neiges

Arguably the World’s biggest winter multisport event, The Pentathlon des Neiges has grown since its first edition at Lac-Beauport in 2005. Started as a retirement project by Jean-Charles Ouellet, the event has gone from a few dozen participants to becoming:

  • Since 2010,  Canada’s biggest winter outdoor event with 5400 participants in 2015 and World’s biggest winter multisports event
  • The only legacy event of Quebec City’s 400th anniversary in 2008
  • Best new event in Canada in 2008, awarded by the Canadian sports tourism alliance
  • Groupe Pentathlon is the developer of the new winter triathlon discipline and host of the World premiere of the Quebec ITU Winter Triathlon in March 2014. A new sport is born!
  • 2014 Quebec ITU Winter Triathlon recognized as the Best new event of the year by Triathlon Québec
  • 2014 Quebec ITU Winter Triathlon awarded the Prix Coup d’Éclat for a new product or original activity by Festivals et Événements Québec
  • Best Winter Race in the Eastern Canada in 2014, according to the Get Out There Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards
  • Finalist in the Event or tourist attraction of the year category, at the Québec’s Board of Trade Gala des Fidéides
  • Finalist in the International Event category at the 2015 Gala Sports Québec

Pentathlon_des_Nieges_2016Featuring various winter multisport events as well as the ITU 2016 Québec ITU S3 Winter Triathlon World Cup, arguably the most appropriate format of Winter Triathlon, the Pentathlon des Neiges is an awesome off road multisport festival regardless of season. This is a concept we need to see applied to many more events throughout the world.

As one would expect, Canadians dominated the event results. However, we predict this event will continue to grow in popularity and international visibility.

Find more information and all the Results HERE. 

Darwin Tri Club Off-Road Triathlon #2

The Darwin Off Road Triathlon #2 featured a 300m swim, 15km MTB, 3km run with individual wins going to Brett Verity and Shellie Ratahi.

Find full results and information HERE and images from the event on the Darwin Tri Club Facebook Page HERE.

James Grant Memorial Multisport Race

With an interesting a choice of Swim or Canoe/Kayak, Mountain Biking, and Trail Run the James Grant Memorial Multisport Races offer 750m swim or 2.5km paddle, 18km MTB Ride, 7km Trail Run or “Come ‘n’ Try” – 300m swim or 1km paddle, 8km MTB Ride, 3km Trail Run options.

Jason Edwards and Julia Anderson took the wins on the day with both choosing to compete in the “multisport” version consisting of the 2.5k paddle rather than the 750m swim.

Find full results HERE.

Belgian/Dutch Cross Duathlon

WinterDuathlon Herentals

Rik Thijs avenged his course error of last week to take the win at the Winter Duathlon Herentals this week. Unfortunately our lack of Belgian proficiency leaves us unsure of who won the women’s event.

Full Results and plenty of images can be found on the event Facebook page HERE.

SP&O Crossduatlon 

Long distance triathlon specialists, Bart Borghs and Stefanie Adam won the 3k/19k/3k event from Hofstade, Belgium.

Full results can be found HERE

Green Duathlon

Mud and punctures were the order of the day in Jurbise, Belgium

According to what we are sure is a terrible translation of the race report “Hans van den Buverie started strong on the 4 km run and pulled into the 23 km mountain bike as the leader. But a flat tire at halfway meant the end of his race. So victory went to Sylvian Denis has now achieved his first solo victory of 2016 after two previous Run & Bike victories with his brother.”

Meanwhile Mandy Dammekens took the win on the women’s side.

Full results can be found HERE. 

Maresia Cross Duathlon

The Netherlands were host to the Maresia Cross Duathlon. With three cross duathlon distances and two mountain bike races.

The long cross duathlon went to the utterly timeless Rob Barel.

Full results can be found HERE. 

MTB Cross Duathlon Series #3

Photo - MTB Cross Duathlon
Photo – MTB Cross Duathlon

The four race Danish MTB Cross Duathlon series visited Blommehaven for the second time this season for race #3. The event offered two race options: short distance 2.5 km run – 7.5 km MTB – 2,5 km and long distance 5km run – 15km bike – 5 km run.

Conditions on the day were muddy and technical with a few hills that tested all racers balance and skill. The long course events went to  Marie-Louise Jørgensen and Finn Kaczmarek.

Full results can be found HERE. 

Be sure to follow the MTB Cross Duathlon Facebook Page HERE for all series info and lots of pics.



  1. Marie-Louise Jørgensen 1:45:15.5
  2. Katrine Meldgaard 1:46:07.0
  3. Anne Grønne Bisgaard 1:57:44.1
  4. Tina Mechlenborg 2:00:52.2
  5. Kimberly Sørensen 2:07:27.7


  1. Finn Kaczmarek 1:27:56.7
  2. Søren Hyldal Sørensen 1:33:35.0
  3. Kenneth Thonsgaard 1:34:51.6
  4. Jonas Kappelskov Bach 1:36:27.0
  5. Jan Jensen 1:36:30.7




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