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French Cross Triathlon National Championship

Daubord makes it three in a row.

France’s Brice Daubord successfully defended is National Champion’s crown and completed a hat trick of successive French Cross Triathlon National Championships. However, he could walk away  without a fight. Daubord put up the fastest swim split only to relinquish his lead to Monaco’s Nicolas Fernandez and fellow Frenchman Francois Carloni on the bike. But Fernandez and Carloni might have pushed to hard on the bike as they could only produce the 4th and 5th fastest run splits respectively and lost 1:59 and 2:15 to Daubord over the 7.5k run course.

  1. Brice Daubord (Saint-Jean-de-Monts) 1h43’05
  2. Nicolas Fernandez (Monaco) 1h43’49
  3. François Carloni (Fréjus) 1h44’17
  4. Arthur Forissier (Saint-Etienne) 1h46’55
  5. Fabien Combaluzier (Versailles) 1h48’00
  6. Anthony Pannier (Triathl’Aix) 1h50’16
  7. Nicolas Durin (Mach 3) 1h50’26
  8. Florian Luquet (Miramont) 1h51’31
  9. Anthony Flinois (Tri Club Boulonnais) 1h51’47
  10. Romaric Délépine (Dijon) 1h52’22
Riou Dominates Women’s Race

Morgane Riou improved one step on her second place of 2014 to claim her first French Cross Triathlon National Championship. Second out of the water Riou then produced a blistering 1:09.47 bike, nearly 8 minutes faster than the next best spit, to take the lead for good.

  1. Morgane Riou (Issy) 2h04’25
  2. Amanda Galindo (Sartrouville) 2h18’56
  3. Perrine Philippe (Sannois Franconville) 2h19’38
  4. Alexandra Borelly (Organicoach) 2h21’27 (1st Master)
  5. Laurence Buffet Senelle (Charleville) 2h25’12
  6. Emilie Attanasio (Waimea) 2h25’36
  7. Pauline Aigon (Dijon) 2h27’35
  8. Anaïs Tardieu (Vichy) 2h30’43
  9. Chloë Grosgeorge (Fréjus) 2h32’36
  10. Natacha Lacorre (Endurance 72) 2h33’44

Full Results HERE

Corsica Xtri

XTERRA veteran Asa Shaw and Corsica local Florence Campana both clinched their wins off dominant bike legs. However, while Shaw enjoyed a wire to wire victory, Campana had to rally from a slow swim followed by strong bike and run legs to earn her win.

Full Results HERE

2013 Corsica Xtri recap video.

XTERRA Brazil 10th Anniversary, Round 3 – Ilhabela

Malagon, Gobbo claim 10th anniversary edition of the first XTERRA Brazil.
Racers jump off the pier heading onto the second lap of the swim.  Photo- XTERRA Brazil
Racers jump off the pier heading onto the second lap of the swim.
Photo- XTERRA Brazil

XTERRA Triathlon is alive and well in Brazil. With a nine stage series and two XTERRA specific training camps, Brazil has one of the deepest off-road multisport series in the World. Not only do the Brazilians put on great triathlons but most of the stops on the Brazilian tour also include open waters swims, trail runs, and mountain bike races in addition to the triathlons. Making each series stop a festival of off road endurance events, probably something the US series races should consider including.

In its tenth year of existence the XTERRA Brazil Ilhabela was a key focus for many of the racers as echoed by men’s professional winner Diogo Malagon who said “For me it is very important to win this stage, the ten-year anniversary of XTERRA. I only realized it after the race: ‘I will win Ilhabela’. I am very happy with this significant result”.

While Malagon had a tough challenge and won by less than a minute and a half, women’s winner, Sabrina Gobbo had it a bit easier, winning by nearly 15 minutes. Yet the win was a long time coming, “The first time I ran was in 2006, making relay, then started running alone. With each passing year, I try to improve, take a step further and seek the first places. I am very happy with the result, but the coolest thing is to remember everything that happened, all I went through to get to get here, “said Gobbo.

Congratulations to XTERRA Brazil on their 10th anniversary. We hope to see many more.

Full coverage from Brazil HERE

Full Results HERE

XTERRA Triathlon

Diogo Malagon- 2h33min33s
Frederick Zacharias – 2h34min55s
Rodrigo Altafini – 2h37min05s

Sabrina Gobbo – 3h14min11seg
Laura Mira Days – 3h30min45seg
Isabella G. Ribeiro – 3h32min07seg

XTERRA Swim Challenge 1.5km
Samir Botelho Barel -17min51seg
André Oliveira Castelucio – 18min48seg
Marcos Fraccaro – 18min55seg

Beatriz Soares Puciarelli – 21min21seg
Luana Baptist Cavinatti – 22min13seg
Simone Murai – 22min21seg

XTERRA Swim Challenge 3km
Artur Afonso Pereira Pedroza – 34min17seg
Marcos Campos – 35min02seg
Bruno Yamamoto – 36min31seg

Maisa Gonçalves Valente – 46min16seg
Priscilla Villela -47min37seg
Lara Bolonhini -47min38seg

XTERRA MEXICO Zapopan Draws More than 550 Competitors

Carona, Rosas Claim XTERRA Mexico Zapopan
Racers at XTERRA Mexico Zapapopan negotiate what looks to be a very fun run course.
Racers at XTERRA Mexico Zapapopan negotiate what looks to be a very fun run course.

Fabiola Carona and Esteban Rosas won what looked to be a crazy fun XTERRA Mexico Zapopan. With a stunningly beautiful course, adventurous course design and over 550 competitors the first year event looked to be a huge success. Yet, the best part for the future of XTERRA and the off road scene was the deep participation of kids in the Friday youth races for 12-13 and 14-15 age groups. Its always good to see participation starting young.

Results can be found on the XTERRA Mexico Facebook Page HERE

Male Overall:

1. Esteban Rosas Sierra

2. Miguel Angel Marquez Aleman

3. Eduardo Padilla Vargas

Female Overall:

1. Fabiola Corona

2. Ana Vazquez

3. Dunia Gomez




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