NEW Off-Road Triathlon Announced In Canada’s Comox Valley

Legendary MTB Trails of Cumberland, BC will highlight Dodge City X Triathlon

In what we hope will be a continuing trend in British Columbia…and throughout Canada, Steam Donkey Racing have launched the Comox Valley’s first off-road triathlon. 

Famous for amazing mountain bike trails that date back to the early 80’s, Cumberland, BC is considered “the unofficial epicenter of mountain biking on Vancouver Island” and will be the host venue for the inaugural PACE Multisport Dodge City X off-road triathlon.

According to the Village of Cumberland’s website:

“Way back in the 1980s, a freewheeling group of Cumberland tree planters began carving mountain bike trails around the local dump. In the ’90s, those mountain biking pioneers turned their attention to the gnarly, forested hills just south of the village, where today you’ll find more than 80 kilometres of Vancouver Island’s most legendary singletrack.

Welcome to Cumberland, BC – the unofficial epicentre of mountain biking on Vancouver Island.

From Cumberland’s decidedly chill downtown strip, you’re just a few pedal strokes from loamy, rooty and lovingly maintained singletrack that ranges from fast and flowy to rugged and gnarly. Epic vistas are awarded to riders with the legs and lungs to get them there, and GPS mapping makes it easy to lose yourself in the adventure without ever actually losing yourself.”

Photo – Village of Cumberland

The PACE Multisport Dodge City X off-road triathlon will feature a full distance 1.5k/23k/9.5k course with half distance sprint and relay events as well. The event promises “a technical mountain bike course”, which many racers will love but could be daunting to beginners. In a more descriptive statement the MTB course is described as:

“It’s tough. That said, we’ve chosen it carefully to be challenging without presenting any undue hazards. What makes it tough is primarily the combination of vertical ascent and technical terrain. There are no drops, gaps or long, steep descents. As long as you’re at least an intermediate mountain biker you should really enjoy this race!

The Trail Bicycles Bike Course is primarily singletrack, with some logging road and “quad tracks” in between. Most of the trails used in the race are rated blue squares (intermediate). We will be posting the route at least one month before the race and we recommend that you pre-ride the Trail Bicycles Bike Course to familiarize yourself with the trails.”

With the shorter race and the relay option anyone interested in the event will be able to find an option that fits their needs.

Obviously DirtTRI is very excited to see new events being created. We will be bringing you more information on the PACE Multisport Dodge City X off-road triathlon as soon as we have it.

For now you can find all information you need on the event website and social media below:




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