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Elevenpine cycling shorts are both functional on the bike and stylish off

Elevenpine Launches New Cycling Shorts

As a mountain biker, I usually stand out by wearing all spandex kits while my cohorts dawn more fashionable, but less functional baggy clothing. The spandex performs better while on the bike, but their threads are more suitable off the bike. What to do, what to do?

My thought is that I’d rather be the odd duck on the trail, than the guy with a face that looks like left over meatloaf when my shorts get caught on the saddle and I go over the bars. So which are you – spandex or baggies?

The guys and gals at ElevenPine decided they didn’t want to have to pick just one or the other. So they created cycling shorts and skirts that convert from technical & form-fitting to casual & loose in seconds.



They just started taking pre-orders for the spring. We will try to get our hands on some and do a review on them asap.

Find out more about them on their website www.ElevenPine.com or their Facebook page ElevenPine.



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