Odyssey SwimRun Orcas Island 2019

Odyssey SwimRun is an EPIC adventure through the best of the Pacific Northwest.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to help out with the Odyssey SwimRun Orcas Island. I’ve been meaning to do one of these swimrun things for a few years now. But we haven’t had many to choose from in the USA. Fortunately Lars Finanger and the crew at Odyssey SwimRun are changing that. In fact they just announced a new addition to their five race series coming to Austin, TX in 2020.

I’ve known Lars for a long time, way back from before our days working together at Inside Triathlon Magazine back in 2007. In fact DirtTRI may have been Lars’ idea…I’m not sure, “we” definitely talked about starting a magazine focused on XTERRA, which was the only off-road triathlon game in town back in the day.

Anyway, when Lars said they were in need of a course sweeper for the Orcas Island Odyssey SwimRun I jumped at the chance. I’ve just moved to Bellingham, WA and the San Juan Islands are a must see ASAP. So, it worked out perfectly.

I didn’t get to see much of the race as I was basically chasing the race. Hell, my feet are gonna be sore for a few days. But, no complaints, Orcas Island and the Moran State Park is absolutely amazing. Check out the pictures below.

However, I do know all present had a fantastic time. SwimRun just has that laid back, “go hard if ya want, or just enjoy the adventure” feel. But everyone who toed the line came away with one hell of a story.

Racers were greeted with an early morning misting rain which gave way to clear/partly cloudy skies by mid-day. The event was expertly organized and timed by the crew at Odyssey SwimRun and event producers Pacific Multisports.

The event is a no-brainer as it is basically all inclusive. You stay at Moran State Park on Orcas Island, meals are provided and the post race pizza by legendary Pizza Jim.

If you’re feeling racy for 2020 you can find the full event results HERE.


Jimmy Archer

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