Ok, So What Are The Greatest Must Do Cross Triathlons?

**Update- 11/10/2016**

A few weeks ago we created this poll to determine the world’s best “must do” cross triathlons (see below). We pushed it out on social media a few times and gave it a while to get some good numbers in the voting.

Well…now the votes are in and its time to analyze.

And the winner is…


We were somewhat surprised to see XTERRA Denmark win our poll, and with a significant margin over the field. This bodes well for race organizers, XTERRA Nordic, as Denmark will be hosing the 2018 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship as part of the 2018 ITU Multisport World Championship Festival. A favorite destination merged with a World Championship guarantees the 2018 ITU Worlds is one to start planning for now, maybe try to get over to XTERRA Denmark in 2017 in preparation for 2018.

On the other had we expected XTERRA Italy to be a popular choice, and it proved our suspicions with a strong second place.  Unfortunately Italy is not on XTERRA’s tentative 2017 World Tour. Hopefully that will change once XTERRA announce the official tour dates.



  • XTERRA Denmark
  • XTERRA Italy
  • XTERRA France
  • XTERRA World Championship
  • ITU Cross Tri World Championship
  • XTERRA New Zealand
  • TNatura Sardegna
  • XTERRA Pan Am Championship
  • TreX Series – Snowy Mountains/Lake Crackenback
  • TIE XTERRA South Africa / XTERRA Alabama
  • Himalayan Rush Triathlon
  • TIE XTERRA Brazil / Hel Van Kasterlee
XTERRA France is a huge event and growing every year. It was no surprise to see it up high on the list in third. We would love to see all XTERRA be as large as France.

Rounding out the top five was an intriguing near tie between Cross Triathlon’s two World Championships with XTERRA Maui in fourth and the ITU Worlds in fifth. XTERRA Worlds began 21 years ago while ITU Cross Tri Worlds is just six years old. It may seem odd to have two World Championships for Cross Triathlon, but we like it. One is the classic event that started it all off, the other is the event with the rotating location, national team races, and soon a World Championship Festival behind it. Both events offer something different yet are worthy of the World Championship designation.

So, what do you think? Is our highly scientific poll accurate?

Let us know in the comments below, or vote if you haven’t already. We’re certain our American fans would like nothing more than to take part in another election. 😉

In the last day we shared a post on Facebook about “Bucket List Triathlon” from our friends at Triathlete Magazine. Happily we had quite a few comments about why there were no Cross Triathlons on the list.

We have long since taken up the mantle of Cross Triathlon advocacy, but hey, lets have some fun with this. We put together a ranked list of must do Cross Triathlons around the World. So cast your vote and lets figure out which one is the true must do.

Also, if we missed one you think should be on there let us know and we will add it.

Have fun.

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Jimmy Archer

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