ÖTILLÖ Announce The Addition of Cannes, France To SwimRun World Series

ÖTILLÖ have announced the addition of Cannes, France to the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Series.

Famous for the Cannes Film Festival, this jewel of the French Riviera will be an interesting location for a major SwimRun event as ÖTILLÖ plan to use a mix of urban and natural environments for the race course.

The sight of several hundred buoy toting, soaking wet runners bounding through the lavish streets of Cannes will certainly present some interesting photo opportunities. Perhaps this will be the race to bring Pippa Middleton back into the ÖTILLÖ fold.

The event will be October 20/21 but now is the time to get ready, the race website and registration opens within 10 days.

We are very proud to present ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes as our new destination of the year. It has been three years of hard work to finally find a destination in France.

This will be a true unique race in a unique place. Never before have we done a combination of an urban environment and pristine nature. This against the backdrop of the iconic city of Cannes – home to the International film festival.

The race course will have islands, single track, an abandoned train track, city environments, two major hills and incredible views. The Saturday Sprint and the Sunday World Series courses are designed by ÖTILLÖ and bring something new to the table.

We are fortunate to work with the Mayor of Cannes, Mr Lisnard and our local partner Swimrun Xperience ( Laurent Gourmaud & Philippe Cordero).

Please join us on October 20/21 for the first- ever ÖTILLÖ race in France. Website and registration opens within 10 days.




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