Sessions:6 Spring Off-Road Training Camp

We’ve talked about the importance of hiring an off road specific coach. We’ve created a directory for you to find a great off-road specific coach who will fit your needs. Here’s another chance to get some more off-road specific coaching and training – Sessions:6 is putting on an off-road specific training camp in Fruita, Colorado, USA.

Sessions:6 Spring Off-Road Training Camp

Sessions:6 Spring Off-Road Training Camp

We’re headed back to Fruita, Colorado again for 2016! Clear your calendar and join us for some great training in mid April. New options/features this year include more cycling/mtb options, massage therapy options, evening stretch & debriefing sessions, and core conditioning sessions for the “non-swimmers”.

We are excited to announce the fourth annual Sessions:6 Spring Off-Road Training Camp scheduled for April 13th – 17th in Fruita, Colorado, USA. Our “Off-Road Multisport” camp caters to all abilities with excellent organization, training sessions, coaching, and fun in each discipline in the beautiful setting of western Colorado. Off-road endurance athletes are encouraged to join in on this great training opportunity for just $150 for the 5 days. Our S:6 Endurance Team and coached athletes have priority access to sign-up at the low cost of only $50 ($75 for couples) for the 5 days of highly structured training.

We have two ‘half days’ of training (allowing for travel to/from Fruita) sandwiching three full days of training opportunities. The idea is for athletes to come when they can, whether it’s Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, depending on your work/family schedule, and get some great structured training in with a great group of athletes. In addition to being an amazing training venue, the Fruita area has a lot of dinosaur attractions and scenic hiking trails for the whole family to enjoy, so consider bringing the whole family!

The camp will cater to both multi-sport athletes as well as MTB-only athletes, with swimming (and core conditioning) sessions at Mesa State University in Grand Junction, and riding and running on the trails around Fruita. The daily schedule will be packed full of training; participants can choose to attend which (or ALL) sessions they want to do. The basic format will be to include intensity the first two full days followed by endurance the last two days.

The objective of the camp is for you to be able to put together 3-5 days of high training density to give you a boost of fitness as you head into your race-focused training for the spring/summer season. This is not a “come and ride and chit-chat with us” kind of camp, but rather a highly structured training camp (with some leisurely riding/running in the mix, too) made up of specific and detailed ‘training sessions’ as opposed to just ‘rides’ or ‘runs’. Every session will have an objective and purpose, and it will be challenging (and fun) to attend them all. Evenings will be spent leisurely around dinner with short discussions on the days training topics.

Tentative Camp Schedule:

  • Wednesday
    • Morning: Travel to Fruita
    • Afternoon: Easy Ride/Run
    • Evening: Stretch, massage options, brief discussion, dinner
  • Thursday
    • Morning: Intensity Run or Bike (Vo2 Max Intervals)
    • Midday: Swim or Core Conditioning* at MSU (massage options)
    • Afternoon: Easy Bike
    • Evening: Stretch, massage options, brief discussion, dinner
  • Friday
    • Morning: Intensity Bike (threshold intervals)
    • Midday: Swim or Core Conditioning* at MSU (massage options)
    • Afternoon: Easy Run or Bike
    • Evening: Stretch, massage options, brief discussion, dinner
  • Saturday
    • Morning: Endurance Bike
    • Afternoon: Endurance Run (massage options)
    • Evening: Stretch, massage options, brief discussion, dinner
  • Sunday
    • Morning: Endurance Run or Bike
    • Afternoon: Drive home

*All travel, lodging, pool fees, massage, and meals will be at the attendee’s expense.

You can choose to rent a house, stay in a hotel, or camp at a nearby campsite. Our “Unofficial Camp Hotel” is the Comfort Inn in Fruita. We don’t have any special rates established, but their regular “Advanced Purchase Rates” are quite reasonable (especially if you can share with another camper). The James M. Robb Campground is also located within walking distance from the Comfort Inn, so if you stay there you have easy access to our evening dinners.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Although this is predominantly an “off-road” camp with mountain biking and trail running, we will cater to road triathletes with alternate road riding options in the area. We will break into smaller groups each session as needed to accommodate all levels. You can choose your own schedule according to what you’re up for each day of training (need more rest, take it!). Detailed maps, schedules and workout instructions will be included for everyone. If you can’t make it over on Wednesday, come when you can and join in the fun when you get there.

Massage therapy will be available from our team bodyworker Troy Lyon. Book ahead with Troy and save $15 off his regular hourly rate. Troy will be there to ride with us during the day, but will be available for massage in the afternoons/evening each day of the camp. To schedule a time, call Troy at 503-810-7751, or email him with your time and day preference.

The camp registration fee is $150. 2016 S:6 Endurance Team members can register for only $50 ($75 for couples).

**Special BONUS: Book a massage with Troy and receive $10 back from your camp registration fee!** 

To register, click appropriate link below:

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Sessions:6 via their contact page.

A few images from the 2015 training camp




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Will Kelsay is one of the top cross triathletes in the world with a 10 year career spanning 5 continents competing in more than 18 countries. He has 20 career wins and more than 70 top 5 finishes. Anyone who has met him knows his passion for the sport is only overshadowed by his huge smile & his appetite for fun.

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