World Champ Using Mountain Biking to Help Endure Nepal

The 2010 XTERRA World Champion Shonny Vanlandingham was one of several pro athletes to retire from the sport of off-road triathlon in 2015, but it’s no surprise she’s quickly found another adventure to take up. Nepal as suffered devastating natural disasters and Endure Nepal is aiding in the relief efforts.

XTERRA recently asked her about her newest endeavor…

Shonny Vanlandingham used her background as a pro mountain biker to dominate the bike portion of many XTERRA triathlons. She retired in 2015 and is currently working with Endure Nepal to help relief efforts in Nepal - Photo XTERRA.
Shonny Vanlandingham used her background as a pro mountain biker to dominate the bike portion of many XTERRA off-road triathlons – Photo XTERRA

“I was recently asked to join this group of inspiring women on a mission to Nepal to help with their recovering economy,” said Vanlandingham.

Endure Nepal, a women’s mountain bike documentary, is using mountain biking as a vehicle to help the relief efforts in Nepal.

“I am honored to be a part of the Endure Nepal,” said Vanlandingham.  “I will be able to utilize my degree in nutrition to help feed the people of Nepal through the greenhouse projects and use my background as a professional XTERRA and mountain bike racer as a platform to bring exposure through the film to others around the world.”

Shonny and the other members of the Endure Nepal team will ride Rocky Mountain Sherpa 650B+ bikes to a remote village in the Langtang Valley in Nepal to start a self-sustaining greenhouse project in the area. The project will help provide better nutrition and economic empowerment to the people of the region.

Film festival showings and sales of the finished full-length feature film will go toward the continued building of greenhouses and community recovery efforts from the devastating earthquakes of 2015. Endure Nepal is in the final days of a Kickstarter to raise funds for the project, where 65.5 cents of every dollar raised will go directly into Nepal.

You can learn more and donate here.




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