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Off-Road Triathlon Coaching Directory

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Coaching is arguably the most important piece of any athlete’s training. Regardless of ambition, experience, or ability a well thought out training program is crucial for any athlete to reach their greatest potential. Competent coaching is essential to creating an effective training strategy. For an off-road triathlete, finding a coach with the skills and experience exclusive to our triathlon format is critical.

Triathlon is currently experiencing a quality crisis within its coaches. There are literally hundreds of people who become “certified” coaches every year. However, very few of those individuals have any knowledge or experience specific to off-road triathlon and multisport.

With this in mind DirtTRI had compiled this directory of exceptional OFF-ROAD coaches. If you know a coach who should be in this directory let us know. If you need help selecting a coach, we can help. Reach us via our contact page HERE.

Criteria to be Included in This Directory:

To best serve the athletes, we require a few criteria for inclusion.

  • Coaches must have an off-road coaching focus. We don’t require coaches exclusively coach off-road athletes, but we want to see a specific interest and focus toward off-road coaching on the coach’s websites and communications (I.E. social media).
  • Coaches must have experience competing in off-road triathlon. We won’t include hollow coaches who simply want more clients but have no interest or experience in directly supporting off-road triathlon with their own participation.


DirtTRI Coaching

DirtTRI Coaching is our in house coaching brand. When you choose DirtTRI Coaching you not only access more than 30 years of Cross Triathlon and Off-Road multisport experience you also help to support the DirtTRI goals of advocacy and growth of the sport. All coaching fees from DirtTRI Coaching go directly back into the DirtTRI Magazine.

Proper coaching is crucial to any successful training program. So crucial in fact that it could be the difference between achieving your goals and coming up just a bit short.

Triathlon is a complex sport. It uniquely consists of three sports preformed as one. Off-road triathlon adds to this complexity by requiring technical skill and competence mountain biking and running off-road. Creating an effective training plan specific to off-road triathlon demands an understanding of what makes the sport so unique. Our coaches have a combined experience of more than 30 years specifically in off-road racing. They apply this experience, expertise, and passion to each athlete they work with.

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Aloha Racing

Aloha Racing

Training for an XTERRA? We can help. Aloha Racing is the coaching company of Swiss professional cross triathlete Renata Bucher.

Renata’s racing and coaching background:

  • Member of the Swiss National Athletic Team, cross country running 2002-2004
  • Member of the Swiss National Team Cross Country Mountain Biking 2005-2010
  • Member of the Swiss National Team Cross Triathlon 2011-2015
  • 34 XTERRA wins in 13 different countries
  • Teaching degrees 1993-1998
  • Studied sports at the university of Zürich, ETH 2000-2004
  • Start with Aloha Racing Team 2014
  • Coach of the Endurance Team, Victoria, Australia.

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Jenny Smith Coaching

Jenny Smith Coaching

Jenny Smith Coaching has grown out of Jenny’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle through athletics, cycling, and multisport.

Her coaching combines her love of learning, teaching and sharing with her extensive knowledge and experience garnered over 25 years of  training and racing at an elite level in the sports of cycling, mountain biking, XTERRA triathlon, and running. She specializes in individualized coaching programs for endurance athletes.

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PRS Fit – Mimi Stockton

At PRS Fit we provide training, motivation and camaraderie. When you become a part of our Team you quickly see we love what we do. You also receive our first time finishers guarantee. We do it better because we care about you. The Team cares about you. We don’t go off the grid. When you need an answer we’re there to help you find it!

Mimi Stockton is the PRS Fit resident off-road expert. She is the current and 4-time 40-44 division women’s XTERRA World Champion.

MelRad Racing Coaching Program

MelRad Racing Coaching

MelRad Racing Coaching  is the coaching company of 3x XTERRA World Champion and ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion, Melanie McQuaid.

MelRad is a personalized training service for athletes pursuing goals in triathlon and cycling. Interested candidates should send an inquiry through Melanie’s website. After coaching athletes to age group World Champion victories and the ranks of the pro field, as well as coaching herself to every major achievement in her own career, Melanie is excited to add more athletes to the 2017 MelRad Racing program.

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Jim Thijs

Jim Thijs Coaching

Jim Thijs is a Belgian professional cross triathlete with over a decade of experience in off-road racing. Here is some info on how Jim got into the sport. In the winter of 2005 I was confused. What is my future in triathlon? After 3 years of Ironman training I jumped on a very old mountain bike. I had the time of my life and decided to stop doing triathlon and start doing mountain biking instead. Only a few days later I realized that in 1996 some kind of a genius organized a triathlon with mountain biking instead of road biking. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that this is the perfect sport for me. I’ve watched that race from 1996 on Eurosport at least 5 times. In my first XTERRA races I was able to place myself amongst the best of Europe. From that moment everything became crystal clear. I love XTERRA. No more Ironman, XTERRA is my destiny.

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Nico Lebrun created his coaching company, Organicoach, after more than 15 years of athletic experience at national and international levels, in more than 10 endurance disciplines. With the help of aromatherapy, herbal therapy and osteopathy, Nico collected 10 French Champion titles and 13 podiums finishes at World championships (XTERRA, Winter triathlon and duathlon). Working along side Nico is Alexandra, doctor in pharmacy, trained at Lyon’s school of plants (Ecole Lyonnaise des Plantes) who also competes at the same events regionally and nationally.

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Highly successful coaching company of professional cross triathlete Cody Waite, Sessions:6 follows a philosophy – Our coaching and training revolves around our concept of addressing the “Six Components of Endurance Sport Success.” By identifying an athletes strengths and weaknesses in aerobic conditioning, muscular stability, skill proficiency, diet & nutrition, stress management, and mental fitness we can help athletes to not only improve but thrive in endurance sports competition. Challenge your limits by pushing through them to achieve new levels of fitness, form and function.

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Dynamic Coaching

Dynamic Coaching

Dynamic Coaching offers diverse training options for athletes looking to reach a new level of success. With custom training plans through TrainingPeaks, Dynamic Coaching offers competitive rates and works to fit your schedule and needs. This offers you an interactive way to track, log and successfully complete workouts. New for 2016-2017 now offering in person sessions in Guelph, ON with online training. 

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3XTREME Coaching with Paco Serrano

Professional cross triathlete and 2008 Olympian for Mexico, Francisco “Paco” Serrano seeks to bring his athletes the most comprehensive training plans to help them meet their goals and objectives as well as create the best environment in each workout.

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Middaugh Coaching

Working together has allowed Middaugh brothers Josiah and Yaro to share ideas on athletes and training methods. Many of the qualities that they have as endurance athletes and their enthusiasm for the outdoors was forged years ago during their organic upbringing. Yaro was always much stronger and faster, which served him well in both team sports and track and field, whereas Josiah gravitated to the distance events out of necessity. Now they both pursue endurance sports with similar goals but different strengths and weaknesses. As coaches they have experience working with all types of endurance athletes ranging from triathletes – beginner to advanced, to runners of all distances, cyclists – mountain, road, & cyclocross, adventure racers, and general fitness athletes.

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Braveheart Coaching

At the core of our philosophy is one simple truth: You are more than a data point.

Braveheart Coaching is the construct of power couple Lesley Paterson (3x XTERRA World Champ) and Dr Simon Marshall (Professor at UC San Diego). Although many training programs claim to offer special algorithms that gauge your adaptations to training stress, fulfilling athletic potential is, unfortunately, not so simple. But don’t take our word for it: there are whole libraries of new research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology that offer insights into our flawed neurotic brains. This is mostly ignored by exercise physiologists who seem intent on reducing you to an x,y plot.

At Braveheart Coaching, we understand the importance of coaching the whole person. Sure, there’s a whole bunch of science-based training techniques, drills, splits and progress assessments, but at its core, it’s about building a trusted relationship to help your mind and body reach its potential. And, this takes a team.

Now’s the chance to learn first-hand, the physical and mental techniques that helped make Lesley a three-time triathlon world champion. The unique and proven physical training methods of a top professional triathlete combined with a bento box full of ass-kicking psychological weapons. This is the next generation of endurance coaching: toughening up your body and then training your mind to get out of its way.  Sort of like putting the heart and mind into brave.

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Roger Serrano professional cross triathlete, off road triathlete

Roger Serrano Coaching

Spanish profresional cross triathlete Roger Serrano is now offering coaching.

Roger won the 2015 XTERRA European Championship series and is U-23 ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion. Roger can be reached at: rogerserranosalgado@gmail.com

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Kona Coaching

Peter Naegeli is head of Kona Coaching and is backed by years of experience in the off-road scene.

XTERRA Athlete by Passion

After many years as an elite swimmer, professional windsurfer, motorcycle racer and avid long distance mountain bike racer, Peter discovered XTERRA racing at the Swiss stop of the XTERRA World Tour. Never looking back since, he has won the XTERRA European Tour in his respective age group 3 years in a row, qualified every year for the XTERRA World Championship, and won the European & World titles in ITU Cross Triathlon in 2014. He has a degree in physical education and started out by coaching a small group of friends. Now it’s time to share this with you as well.

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