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MALE Cross-Triathlon/XTERRA Pros


Jimmy Archer

Founder and Editor at Jimmy has been a professional athlete for over 18 years as a runner, cyclist, mountain biker, cross country skier, and primarily, triathlete. Jimmy has a degree in exercise science from the University of Colorado and is a USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified coach. Jimmy became a freelance writer in 2000 while competing and covering the ITU Winter Triathlon World Championship. Since that time Jimmy has been head editor at two magazines, been published in numerous publications within the endurance sport, recreation, and travel segments. Currently Jimmy is competing professionally in off-road multisport. In his spare time Jimmy passionately follows Formula 1, Moto GP, and is an avid cook.

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  1. Hello Jimmy,
    I’m one of those guys who after 30 years of road triathlons I started doing off-road, Xterra events last year. I too am hooked and a convert, except for a few local road tri’s with my friends and wife. I really like your website and check it daily – thanks for doing it and for frequently putting new stuff on it.
    As a newbie to mountain biking, I’m curious as to why some pro’s /amateurs have/use hard tails vs full suspension. Is it the course? Is it personal preference? Based on watching Utah and Maui, it looked like many used hardtails. Is that because of the climbing? I’d love a bike review, similar to what they used to do at Kona, that compared hardtail vs suspension, 27.5 vs 29, 1x vs 2x. Is that possible based on photos or your connections? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. Carl,

    Agreed. We will try to address all of your editorial ideas in the very near future. Glad you like the site be sure to tell all your friends to check it daily as well! 😉 We are in the process of doing a redesign to make DirtTRI even better for you.

  3. Hi Guys,
    is it possible to update this list.
    I think there are some atletes who join this list.
    Look at the recent result list of the itu WC Crosstri in Australia

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