DirtTRI Weekend Race Roundup – August 8-9

Why We Need The DirtTRI Weekend Race Roundup-

Within the greater Triathlon community there is a widely accepted, and very incorrect, assumption there “aren’t any races” in off road triathlon. While we agree there can always be MORE off-road multisport events, the roadies seem to believe they can’t, or shouldn’t, give off-road a try since they won’t be able to race enough. (Although most long course athletes only race about three times a year anyway…but that is a discussion for another time)

In order to prove this assumption wrong and to promote and advocate of all off-road multisport DirtTRI.com is going to start a Monday Weekend Race Roundup to bring you information on any and all off-road multisport events.

We think we can do a pretty good job, but we are always open to help with events we may have missed. If you know of an event that we missed or that should be featured on the DirtTRI.com off-road multisport events calendar let us know via our “Contact” form HERE.

Events From August 8-9

 XTERRA Czech Championship:

Find the XTERRA Czech Championship report HERE.

XTERRA Mexico Championship:

Find the XTERRA Mexico Championship report HERE.

XTERRA Brazil Tour- Costa Verde II:

A racer rides through a jungle stream at XTERRA Brazil - Costa Verde II. Photo - XTERRA Brazil
A racer rides through a jungle stream at XTERRA Brazil – Costa Verde II.
Photo – XTERRA Brazil

Off-road multisport is thriving in Brazil, and with good reason. The crew at the XTERRA Brazil Tour do an amazing job of creating phenomenal off-road triathlon events but don’t stop there. Most of the evetns on the XTERRA Brazil Tour include a variety of accessory events creating something of an off-road sports festival weekend experience. Usually an XTERRA off road triathlon highlights the weekend with various other events including, trail runs, mountain bike races, open water swims, and SUP races.

The XTERRA Brazil Costa Verde II weekend featured off-road triathlons, 1.5 and 3k swims, 7 and 21k night trail runs, and 3 or 6k SUP races in a variety of board categories.

The XTERRA Triathlon top results were:


  1. RODRIGO HANRI ALTAFINI               1:55:27
  2. DIOGO MALAGON                                  1:58:30
  3. FREDERICK OAK ZACHARIAS            1:59:30


  1. SABRINA KOESTER GOBBO                2:24:30
  3. LUIZA INES ZANINI                               2:42:15

Find all the events from XTERRA Brazil – Costa Verde II   HERE

Find more information, videos, interviews, and images from the event on their FaceBook Page HERE

XTERRA Snow Mountain Ranch:

For several years Dig Deep Sports hosted one of Colorado’s most popular off-road triathlons at the XTERRA Indian Peaks. However, the event was hosted at the Eldora Ski Resort outside Boulder, CO. Eldora is a patchwork of roughly 5 different private land owners, all with differing opinions of how their land should be used. Inevitably they found some issue with the XTERRA event and ceased to allow any “summer use” of the land at Eldora. Which really sucks because there are some amazing trails up there and being so close to Boulder they could easily have a very successful Summer event series if they wished…but, people are weird, particularly those with a little bit of power or leverage.

Ultimately Dig Deep Sports was forced to find a new location for the early August XTERRA and thus the XTERRA Snow Mountain Ranch was born.

Snow Mountain Ranch is located just outside of Winter Park, CO and is know more as a winter recreation area, but does feature many miles of great mountain biking/trail running as well as plenty of on site lodging. The new course offers all the best of what Colorado has to offer, great trails, great views, and a fun challenging course. DirtTRI would definitely recommend this race to anyone. Our only complaint is that Dig Deep Sports and Snow Mountain Ranch MUST find a way to work the summer tubing hill into the race.

Full Results Available HERE


  1. 1:43:10 BRAD ZOLLER
  3. 1:55:16 ERIC SNOWBERG


  1. 1:59:29 SARA SCHULER
  3. 2:11:03 DEANNA MCCURDY

Snow Mountain Ranch Summer Tubing Hill from YMCA Rockies on Vimeo.

XTERRA Portland:

Similar to the XTERRA Brazil series the XTERRA Portland featured a full weekend of events, full and sprint distance XTERRA Triathlons as well as and XTERRA Duathlon, and Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k trail runs.

Judging by social media the crew from XTERRA Portland put on a great event. We saw nothing but rave reviews of the events. Enough so that we’ve already put it on the 2016 DirtTRI calendar of must do events.

Full XTERRA Triathlon Results:


  1. Chris Ganter              1:55:40
  2. Jeff Smith                   1:57:45
  3. Nate Youngs              2:00:54


  1. Anne Usher                2:28:56
  2. Lindsay Jackson       2:38:04
  3. Clairen Stone             2:38:36
Kris Coddens Wins the Gileppe Trophy Orbea Cross Triathlon.  Photo - Kris Coddens
Kris Coddens Wins the Gileppe Trophy Orbea Cross Triathlon.
Photo – Kris Coddens

La Gileppe Trophy Orbea Cross Triathlon

The La Gileppe Trophy is another weekend multisport festival featuring off-road triathlon, this time from the Lac de la Gileppe, Belgium. Official results are not yet posted. However, DirtTRI.com can tell you Cross Triathlon pro Kris Coddens won the men’s race.

Find more information on the event HERE. 



XTERRA Tri The Torture:

XTERRA Tri The Torture, complete with finishing water slide in the background.  Photo - XTERRA Tri The Torture
XTERRA Tri The Torture, complete with finishing water slide in the background.
Photo – XTERRA Tri The Torture

The highlight of the second annual XTERRA Tri The Torture has got to be the trip down a massive water slide and short swim to shore just before the finish line. Does this make the race a quadrathlon? We’re not sure, but it certainly sounds like an awesome way for finish a race.

This is another one we’re putting on the DirtTRI must do list.

More information and full results HERE


  1. Clay Moseley                   2:25:45.5
  2. Bryan Struve                   2:31:17.5
  3. Mark Mico                       2:32:18.1


  1. Kristen Mihalic               2:52:38.1
  2. Katarina Marks               2:58:26.7
  3. Diana Hardy                    3:08:06.6

Dirty Deeds Triathlon – Alaska:

They have off-road triathlons in Alaska? Yes, yes they do. The Dirty Deeds Triathlon is part of the four race Arctic Triathlon Series. We’ve heard all kinds of stories from the great white north so we are sure the race has got to be an adventure. We are assuming it will be a wetsuit legal swim…

Results were not posted when this was published. However, find more information from the Dirty Deeds Tri webpage HERE.

Other Events From the Weekend:

UCI MTB World Cup

Former XTERRA World Champion, Lesley Paterson is on a mission to qualify for the 2016 British Olympic Mountain Bike Team. To gain selection Lesley needs to collect a significant quantity of UCI Points and prove she will be competitive in the Olympic Mountain Bike race. While Paterson has had some very impressive results in World Class mountain biking the UCI system is very difficult as athletes are seeded based on their points. Paterson does not have as many points as most full time mountain bikers, thus she was forced to start Sunday’s World Cup from Windham, NY 54th and last. Paterson said she felt flat during the race, but was able to climb to 41st before the UCI 80% rule caught her out. The 80% rule requires that racers stay within 80% of the lap’s distance from the leader, something that can be very difficult on a single track heavy, multiple lap cross country course. To give you context, 16 of the 54 starters were pulled due to the 80% rule. Paterson was pulled only 1 lap before the final lap, which is frustrating.

We are not sure if Paterson intends to race the next UCI World Cup in Val Di Sole in two weeks, but we would assume that to be here plan. DirtTRI.com wishes her luck in her quest for the Olympics.

Breck Epic

The week long mountain bike stage race from Breckenridge, CO began Sunday. Follow all the action HERE. 




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