Schotman and Golsteyn Claim Dutch Cross Duathlon Titles

Netherlands’ Cross Duathlon National Championship

The Dutch Cross Duathlon National Championships were last weekend, Nov 7, in Valkenburg. The even consisted of a 5k run, 22k MTB, 2.5k Run.

While this is the last Dutch multisport National Championship of 2015, the event leads into the European Cross Duathlon “season” which sees various countries offering up race series. Find out more about the Netherland series HERE.

The following report is from triathlon-sport.nl. All images are via triathlon-sport.nl-

Valkenburg – The last NK on the national calendar – the NK Run Bike Run cross in the Limburg Valkenburg – today was on a roll. In the junior was the pre-race favorite Youri Cologne the quickest and he clinched his second NK title in two weeks time. Last week he was already the fastest in Assen at the national championships on the road. He rushed to his third national title and NK fourth podium of the season.

The elite was after a long time Maud Golsteyn active again. After a spirited battle with Linda Van Vliet and Laura Gorter Golsteyn winning her comeback with a new Dutch title. In the men followed Frank Schotman Arie de Jong, but had to let go two Belgians Bart Borghs and Paul Embrechts. Tibor Gijssen and Henry Venema flanked Schotman on the NK platform.

(5L - 22MTB - 2.5L)

MEN ------------------------------
 1 Bart Borghs BEL 1:32:35
 2 Paul Embrechts BEL 1:33:28
 3 Frank Schotman 1:34:51
 4 Tibor Gijssen 1:36:56
 5 Henry Venema 1:37:20
 6 Youri Cologne 1:39:02
 7 Glenn Wesseling 1:39:24
 8 Joep Staps 1:40:13
 9 Michael Krijnen 1:42:04
10 Hans Bader 1:42:15
WOMEN -----------------------------
 1 Maud Golsteyn 1:51:22
 2 Linda van Vliet 1:51:53
 3 Laura Gorter 1:52:56
 Lindy 4 of Anrooij 1:57:54
 5 Ingrid van Lubek 2:06:02
 6 Heleen Zandstra 2:08:12
 7 Kim Vankoughnett 2:13:41
 8 Marike Bremmer 3:41:21 

Complete results available HERE.




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