Seppe Odeyn Wins Record 4th Hel van Kasterlee Cross Duathlon

Odeyn wins record 4th Hel van Kasterlee cross duathlon, Urkens is victories on her first attempt.

We at DirtTRI prefer to avoid the term “epic”. In fact we hate it. Epic is way way WAY too overused to describe everything from endurance sports to the latest Kardashian wardrobe fail. Epic is just not epic any more, its lost its significance as a powerful adjective.

That said, epic may be the best and only way to describe the Hel van Kasterlee Cross Duathlon, a race consisting of 15k run, 105k MTB, 30k run held on the often frosty and muddy trails of Kasterlee, Belgium in late December. Just think of it: 105k of mountain biking through mud, snow and freezing temperatures before having to slog through the same mud and snow for a 30k run! That sounds like a truly EPIC undertaking (and one the staff at DirtTRI very much plan on attempting in 2016).

Men’s Race

On race day Seppe Odeyn of Herent, Belgium proved he knew the “Hell” of Kasterlee better than anyone winning a record 4th victory and producing a course record, 6:15.20 in the process.

The 2015 edition of the Hel van Kasterlee saw unseasonably warm temperatures and fast, tacky condition on the bike. Odeyn trailed Rob Woestenborghs, Bart Borghs and Rik Thijs into T1 and lost an aditional 25 seconds after the first lap of the bike. However, Odeyn reeled the leading trio in during the mountain bike and carried a seven second lead into T2. After that it was over as Odeyn pressed his advantage on the run and come home with a 2:24 advantage over runner up, Bart Borghs.

Women’s Race

Contrary to the men’s race the women’s race saw a first timer, and former European Thai boxing champion, Debby Urkens take the win in 8:08.07.

The women had a race long battle for the lead with Urkens, Geke Venema, and Inge Roelandt all trading the lead throughout the race.

In the end Urkens used a dominant second run to regain the lead for good and win by 13:18 over Venema.


Full results available HERE

Find photos and information at the event website HERE


  1. Seppe Odeyn 6:15:20
  2. Bart Borghs 6:17:44
  3. Rob Woestenborghs 6:27:46
  4. Rik Thijs 6:34:11
  5. Bert Nietvelt 6:56:08
  6. Bert Vervecken  6:59:08


  1. Debby Urkens 8:08:07
  2. Geke Venema 8:21:25
  3. Inge Roelandt 8:25:09
  4. Eveline Dreesen 8:28:54
  5. Yvonne Troost 9:08:48




Jimmy Archer

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