Weekend Roundup: Cross Duathlon from Scotland, Belgium and Spain

Cross Duathlon Series Continue to Thrive in Europe

Bowhill Duathlon #2 (Medium)

The second of the three race Bowhill Duathlon Series took pace January 17 at Bowhill House and Country Park, just outside Selkirk in the Scottish Borders.

Race #2 consisted of a 30 min MTB and 30 min run and was dubbed “medium” distance. The “short” race #1 was 20 min MTB/20min Run and the final “long” event will be 40min MTB/40min run on February 28th. Event organizer, Durty Events uses timed segments rather than distance due to the often widely varied conditions making it very difficult to keep events from becoming too daunting when planned based on distance if the conditions become too challenging.

Bowhill Duathlon
Bowhill Duathlon racers charge through the Scottish Hills. Photo – Nicola Johnson

156 racers toed the line at Bowhill and were met with brisk temperatures and a light dusting of snow.

On the women’s side, Caroline Wallace carried a nearly 5 minute lead off the bike and was able to hold off a challenge on the run from Sally Barr and secure the win.

The men’s event meanwhile saw the top three trade the lead throughout the event with Oleg Chepelin finally taking the win with a 1:25 superior run leg.

Find full results, information, and registration at the Durty Events website HERE.

Durty Events Bowhill Duathlon #2

Women’s Results:

  1. Caroline Wallace 01:04:52 00:33:18 00:01:22 00:30:12
  2. Sally Barr 01:06:03 00:38:02 00:01:01 00:27:00
  3. Anya Campbell 01:09:58 00:40:20 00:01:01 00:28:37
  4. Fabienne Thompson 01:10:11 00:40:15 00:01:20 00:28:36
  5. Leonie Cairns 01:10:54 00:38:45 00:00:58 00:31:11

Men’s Results:

  1. Oleg Chepelin 00:54:31 00:30:31 00:00:51 00:23:09
  2. Brian mclellan 00:54:46 00:29:10 00:01:02 00:24:34
  3. Nick Williamson 00:54:59 00:28:06 00:01:08 00:25:45
  4. Kie jackson 00:55:01 00:29:17 00:01:07 00:24:37
  5. Alex Cumming 00:55:17 00:29:57 00:00:44 00:24:36

Geslaagde Team Cross Duathlon

Below is the translation and a video from the smo-triatlon team website, poor though it may be (Google Translate struggles with Belgian). We will add, this is an interesting event. It is not just a standard MTB/run or run/MTB/run cross duathlon. Rather it is a “team” cross duathlon consisting of teams of two an only one bike. The event is two laps. On lap #1 one athlete rides while the other runs. On lap #2 the swap and the athlete who was riding runs and vice versa. This format makes for an interesting team event while also opening up a myriad of considerations as to tactics and team selection.

As we’ve said before, this looks like a lot of fun, we need more of these in the USA. Perhaps DirtTRI just needs to relocate to Europe? 😉

For the 5th edition of the Run & Bike SMO-Specialized opted for a new location. During the first ijsdag of 2016 Meetjeslanders were able to welcome more than 100 pairs in the main buildings of SMO. The participants were under the bright sun presented a very varied route with fast tracks, sand streaks, technical sections and some difficult terrain mud strips. And so the tactical approach was possibly decisive in this discipline where there is cycled and walked together, but where the athletes can exchange unlimited.

Children between 6 and 12 years were first introduced to this discipline and all received on the stage a shiny medal. Father Jan and son Raf De Dobbelaere (SMO-Specialized) took victory in the small edition. They were already there from the start off on the 5 km. The duo’s Jano Bomans and Milo Moens (ATRIAC triathlon club) and Stefaan Bonte and Wim Van de Veirs from Eeklo took place two and three.

Run & Bike2016 Timo and BartFor the XL edition was a strong field came out to the Meetjesland. At the partial offroad trail 16 km to the marina Eeklose had the heavy rains of the past days some strips made very slippery and difficult passable.

ETZ’er Van de Walle and his teammate Vandendriessche missed by more than two minutes ahead of the duo Hannes Vandermoere and Mathias Lauryes (LTTD). The long distance athletes Timothy Van Houtem and Bart Borghs (SMO-Specialized) got the bronze for the home side.

When mixploegen were Alexis Krug and Anne Arnouts (SMO-Specialized) the fastest triathlon torque. They even provided a fifteenth place in the overall standings. They won before Diederik De Rycke and Lien Soete (ETZ). They had to get the bottom of the barrel to stay Roeselare for the duo with Franssen Whoopy and David Verheyen.

In the women’s SMO-Specialized brought some strong duo in contention. Amber Rombaut was a last resort to give absentia because of a slight injury. Charlene Ottevaere formed an occasional duo with Miek Vyncke. They received strong counteraction from other duo with a lot of experience Joke Coysman and Mieke Suys. It was a very exciting time slot with Coysman and Suys made it eventually. Third place also went to the home team with Kathleen Meire and field runner Nadia De Rycke.

Run & Bike2016 JosseAmong youth athletes (-18) were the Belgian champion youth B Robbe De Dobbelaere and Josse Dhondt (SMO-Specialized) who were very strong for the day. They received a handsome 16th place in the overall standings.

“A strong cold snap for multi-athletes, ideal to have them get out of the comfort zone in their winter program. We can look back on a successful fifth edition at this new location. We hope to continue to build in the future. We received from the participants a lot of positive feedback on this new approach. Thank you to the event partners, Eeklo and city government employees for the success of the event. “Thus, sporting manager Michael Dewilde.

Check out the photo gallery on our website for more pictures and the following video report from AVS

20160117-SPORT-40 from AVS on Vimeo.


Cross Duatlon de Montaña Dels Pelags
Albert Soley and Francesc Freixer race shoulder to shoulder at the Cross Duatlon de Montaña Dels Pelags. Photo – Albert Soley

Duatlon de Montaña Dels Pelags

Lastly we also know the Cross Duathlon de Montaña Dels Pelags took place outside of Barcelona.

Unfortunately we were not able to find much more than the results, which can be found in full HERE.

We can tell you cross tri pro and regular XTERRA competitor Albert Soley took second to countryman, Francesc Freixer.





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