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DirtTRI Weekend Roundup #30 – Nov. 4-5

Every week the DirtTRI Weekend Roundup brings you the news from the previous weekends competitive off-road multisport events from around the world.

If we missed your event, or you want to share a future event contact us HERE. This roundup includes:

The Upper Murray Challenge

Posted by Maria Plyashechko on Friday, September 22, 2017

The Upper Murray Challenge brings serious multisport lovers, weekend warriors and those out for some active fun to the NSW Snowy Mountains for a one day multi sports challenge. The event features a 38 km mountain bike ride, 26km kayak paddle and a 25km run set against the backdrop of a gorgeous spring alpine setting. Competitors will tackle 38km of hilly forest trails, 4wd trails and open paddocks in section one alone, but despite the physical exertion, there will be plenty of breathtaking scenery to make up for it. After the ride, competitors will face a kayak paddle challenge through fast moving currents. The last section provides stunning views of the Murray River Flats and the Main Range during a 25km run. This challenging competition is difficult, but provides entrants with a sense of accomplishment like no other when completed.

Preliminary Results available HERE:

Men’s Individual

  1. Damon Goerke     6:12:30
  2. Rob Preston          6:17:14
  3. Alexander Hector  6:26:34
Women’s Individual

  1. Melena Ahrens      7:54:39
  2. Sarah Jonhnson    9:52:02

The Act-Belong-Commit Augusta Adventure Fest

The Act-Belong-Commit Augusta Adventure Fest is the biggest adventure race in the world, and it’s back even bigger and better in 2017.

The weekend includes races of 3 different lengths so anyone and everyone can be involved – from 3yr old kids through to 70+yr champions. All races take place within the magical wilderness ‘down south at Augusta with adult races including kayaking, swimming mountain biking and trail running through the areas spectacular landscapes.

With 3,500+ competitors and over 7,000 spectators this is an incredible race experience for anyone.

Find Full Results HERE:

Men’s Full Race

  1. Team WA                                 3:26:28
  2. Team Smartstyle Bathrooms   3:40:15
  3. Team VIC                                 3:43:08
Women’s Full Race

  1. Saltwater Sisters                       5:08:28
  2. PC’s Chicks                               5:13:43
  3. FAB Chicks                                5:26:05

DRW Run Bike Run

Photo – DRW Run Bike Run

The 17th annual DRW Run Bike Run is a cross duathlon in Nijverdal on the beautiful “Sallandse Heuvelrug”.

The race features individual and team events over a 5k/20k/2.5k format.

Images can be found on the event Facebook Page HERE

Results have not been posted but will be found HERE


The Beach Duathlon is a run-bike-run game accessible to all: young and old, top sporting and recreational. The start is on the beach at the Langevelderslag in Noordwijk. The run goes over the beach towards Zandvoort and through the dunes back to the Langevelderslag. The bike goes on the other side, first through the dunes towards Noordwijk and across the beach back to the Langevelderslag.

The trail is quite heavy. Even if the weather is good and the beach is hard, it’s really hot. So make sure you get well prepared at the start.


To walk Bicycles To walk Bicycles To walk
Short distance 3.5 km 8 km 3.5 km
Long distance 3.5 km 8 km 3.5 km 8 km 3.5 km
Duo Estafette long distance 3.5 km 8 km 3.5 km 8 km 3.5 km
Men’s Results

1 01:21:19 11 Yennick Wolthuizen
2 01:25:30 78 Jordi Caspers
3 01:25:56 49 Corné Kool

Women’s Results
1 01:47:20 104 Anne Zijderveld
2 01:49:25 105 Liane van Egmond


La Roda Duathlon Cross

La Roda Duathlon Cross
Photo- La Roda Duathlon

The La Roda Cross Duathlon is a duathlon with a 4k-16k-2k format in La Roda (Albacete), Spain.

We can’t find much information at the time of posting, but images can be found on Revista Triatlon Facebook page HERE.





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