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XTERRA Weekend Roundup: Uruguay, Renegade, and Jersey Devil

Madsen, Nieva win XTERRA Uruguay

Canada’s Karsten Madsen and Argentina’s Carolina Nieva captured the inaugural XTERRA Uruguay elite titles in the spectacular town of Punta del Este on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

It’s the first win of the season for Madsen, fourth of his XTERRA career, and the first win as an elite for Nieva.

In the men’s race, Madsen posted the fastest swim and bike splits and led from wire-to-wire.

“After going a long time without winning a race and making many major changes I was motivated to prove myself,” said Madsen.  “I got back to my ways of putting together complete races, getting the lead early, and not letting it go. Kieran has been racing extremely well this year and I was excited to go head to head with him as he is one of XTERRA’s fastest runners.”

McPherson’s time on the run was almost a minute faster than Madsen’s but wasn’t enough to close the gap.

“I had some great racing leading into XTERRA Uruguay at my last three events, and have been posting the fastest run splits,” said McPherson, who won XTERRA Argentina, was 2nd at XTERRA Chile, and third at the XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship. “It shows I am able to finish well.”

McPherson is training to be in top form for both XTERRA Brazil on May 12th and XTERRA Oak Mountain on May 19th.  In both races, he will again go head to head with Madsen.

“It’s an absolute thrill to be back on top and doing it in a fashion that I like,” said Madsen.  “I’ve seen a lot of indications in my training that this was coming and could be possible. I’ve worked hard and will keep pushing to have this only be the start.  I want to win Brazil and Alabama still. A task that will not be easy as I’ll have many other great athletes to best and will have to beat people I’ve never beaten before.”

Madsen’s final time was 2:02:10, just about two minutes in front of McPherson, who finished in 2:04:28. Alex Roberts was third in 2:12:03.

Elite Men’s Results

Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Karsten Madsen, CAN 2:02:10 75
2 Kieran McPherson, NZL 2:04:28 67
3 Alex Roberts, NZL 2:12:03 61
4 Andres Darricau, ARG 2:13:40 56
5 Alejandro Sfriso, ARG 2:13:58 51
6 Rafael Juriti, BRA 2:16:47 47
7 Gabriel Angeloro, URU 2:26:10 43

In the women’s race, XTERRA Costa Rica champ Kelli Montgomery was first out of the water with Kara LaPoint on her heels and Nieva in fourth. LaPoint pulled ahead on the bike, but Nieva hunted them both down on the run with the fastest split of the day by about four minutes. Her overall time was 2:30:25 with LaPoint just behind her in 2:30:48. Montgomery was third in 2:36:50.

“A while ago I said I’d love to win an XTERRA, which seems pretty ambitious for someone who just started as an elite,” said Nieva. “But what good is it to only set goals that are attainable? Today I can say that I did it. And I’m proud of my achievement because I put all my energy into it.”

Nieva is the reigning 25-29 division XTERRA World Champ. This year, she was third at XTERRA Chile and fourth at XTERRA Argentina in March.

Today’s race was LaPoint’s first race back after breaking her big toe in March. Originally, she planned to race in XTERRA Chile and XTERRA Argentina, but delayed her season due to the injury.

“It was pretty heartbreaking to have to miss out on those first few races,” said LaPoint. “I have been feeling great, and was well prepared to start the season. From here on out, I’m looking at doing the remainder of the XTERRA Pan Am tour stops.”

Elite Women’s Results

Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Carolina Nieva, ARG 2:30:25 75
2 Kara LaPoint, USA 2:30:48 67
3 Kelli Montgomery, USA 2:36:50 61
4 Laura Mira Dias, BRA 2:44:39 56
5 Maria Lujan Soto, ARG 2:59:17 51

Results | Photos by Mundo Running

McPherson, Nieva lead XTERRA Pan Am Tour

McPherson and Nieva sit atop the elite standings through the first four races in the XTERRA Pan Am Tour. Next up is XTERRA Brazil on May 12, then XTERRA Oak Mountain May 19. Learn more about the XTERRA Pan America Tour here.

Pan Am Tour Elite Standings

After 4 – 5.5.18


1 Kieran McPherson, NZL 67 75 DNS 67 209
2 Rafael Juriti, BRA 51 43 DNS 47 141
3 Karsten Madsen, CAN DNS DNS 61 75 136
4 Branden Rakita, USA 61 56 DNS DNS 117
5 Maximiliano Morales, ARG 56 61 DNS DNS 117
6 Alejandro Sfriso, ARG DNS 51 DNS 51 102
7 Mauricio Mendez, MEX 75 DNS DNS DNS 75
8 Rom Akerson, CRC DNS DNS 75 DNS 75
9 Gonzalo Tellechea, ARG DNS 67 DNS DNS 67
10 Josiah Middaugh, USA DNS DNS 67 DNS 67
11 Alex Roberts, NZL DNS DNS DNS 61 61
12 Luis Piedra, CRC DNS DNS 56 DNS 56
13 Andres Darricau, ARG DNS DNS DNS 56 56
14 Federico Venegas, CRC DNS DNS 51 DNS 51
15 Gustavo Torres, CHI 47 DNS DNS DNS 47
16 Lucas Mendez, ARG DNS 47 DNS DNS 47
17 Humberto Rivera, USA DNS DNS 47 DNS 47
18 Andres Zuniga, CRC DNS DNS 43 DNS 43
19 Gabriel Angeloro, URU DNS DNS DNS 43 43
20 Pericles Andrade, BRA DNS 39 DNS DNS 39
21 Harold Ramos, CRC DNS DNS 39 DNS 39
22 Ian King, USA DNS DNS 36 DNS 36


1 Carolina Nieva, ARG 61 56 DNS 75 192
2 Fabiola Corona, MEX 67 75 DNS DNS 142
3 Allison Bacca, USA 75 61 DNS DNS 136
4 Kelli Montgomery, USA DNS DNS 75 61 136
5 Anne-Sophie Marechal, BEL 56 67 DNS DNS 123
6 Adilia Jimenez, CRC DNS DNS 67 DNS 67
7 Kara LaPoint, USA DNS DNS DNS 67 67
8 Jessie Koltz, USA DNS DNS 61 DNS 61
9 Rebecca Blatt, USA DNS DNS 56 DNS 56
10 Laura Mira Dias DNS DNS DNS 56 56
11 Maria Lujan Soto, ARG DNS DNS DNS 51 51

Sarikas, Lockwood Win XTERRA Renegade

XTERRA Renegade

John Sarikas and Kathryn Lockwood were each victorious at XTERRA Renegade on a warm, dry day in San Dimas, CA on Sunday, May 6th.

In the men’s race, 2017 20-24 division XTERRA Pan Am Champ, John Sarikas swam like a fish and beat everyone else out of the water by over a minute. Young Cole Ridenour was about 15 seconds faster on the bike, but Sarikas smoked the run with the fastest split of the day. His final time for the half-mile swim, 15-mile bike ride, and 3-mile trail run was 1:40:58. Ridenour was behind in 1:44:34, and Ryan Terry was third in 1:45:30.

In the women’s race, Kathryn Lockwood exited the water over two minutes ahead of runner up Nike Matanza, who was fourth out of the water. Matanza caught up to Lockwood on mile three of the bike, but Lockwood stole the lead back after the first mile of the run and didn’t look back.

“It’s a solid performance considering this was her first tri event in three years. Most importantly she’s healthy,” said Glenn Matanza, Nike’s husband and coach.

In 2015, Nike Matanza was third in her 35-39 age group at the XTERRA World Championship.

In 2017, Lockwood, 42, won her age group at XTERRA Renegade, won the overall women’s race at XTERRA Deuce’s Wild, won XTERRA Laguna Beach (which counts for 2018 points) and placed third in her age group at the XTERRA Pan Am Championship in Ogden, Utah in September behind XTERRA diehards, Deanna McCurdy and Jennifer Razee. And this was all after a double hernia surgery in February of 2017. Lockwood seems to be attacking 2018 from the start, so who knows what this SoCal phenom can accomplish this year.

Lockwood’s time was 2:00:33, Matanza was second in 2:03:28, and Shannon Howell was third in 2:05:23.

For complete results for XTERRA Renegade, visit www.genininext.com.

Weaver, Bayer win XTERRA Jersey Devil

XTERRA Jersey Devil
Photo – XTERRA

On Sunday, May 6th, Darryl Weaver and Amanda Bayer captured the titles at the XTERRA Jersey Devil in Barnagat, New Jersey.

Bayer – who may have been born with gills – was first out of the water by almost a minute, followed by Courtney Kaup. To get an idea of how fast Bayer swam, she was out of transition and on her bike before the first man – Nicola Manglii – exited the water. Bayer kept the hammer down and had the fastest run and bike splits for the women, leading to her victory in 1:33:10, about 5 minutes ahead of Kaup, who finished in 1:38:27. Angie DeFilippi was third in 1:41:27.

In the men’s race, Darryl Weaver came out of the water almost three minutes after the leaders, but was so pinned on the bike course that he made up those three minutes and then some. He kept his lead on the run with the fastest split of the day and crossed the line in 1:24:15. Chris McIsaac was second in 1:29:52 while Jason Gers was third in 1:30:04.

Last year both Weaver and Bayer were standouts in the XTERRA Northeast and Atlantic circuits. Weaver won XTERRA EX2 and was second to Rob Ricard in XTERRA SyracuseXTERRA Sky HighXTERRA French RiverXTERRA Way Over Yonder, and XTERRA Jersey Devil. In most races, Weaver was less than a minute – and sometimes only a few seconds – behind Ricard. Clearly, we will all look forward to seeing these two athletes go head to head again this season.

We are also crossing our fingers that Courtney Kaup and Amanda Bayer meet up again to provide more great racing and continue to set the bar higher for women’s off-road racing in the XTERRA Northeast Region.

In 2016, Kaup won the 35-39 division XTERRA World title and was the second-fastest female amateur. In 2017, she was best in class at XTERRA Gator Terra, XTERRA Beaver Creek, and the XTERRA Pan Am Championship. In Maui, she was second only to Kristy Jennings – now a pro – who finished two minutes ahead of her.

Last year at XTERRA Oak Mountain, Bayer was second to Jessie Koltz in her 25-29 age group and was the first female amateur at XTERRA Syracuse, XTERRA French River, and XTERRA Jersey Devil. Last year in Maui, she was fifth in her age group.

View complete results for XTERRA Jersey Devil at www.my.raceresult.com.




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