5 Reasons to Hire an Off Road Specific Triathlon Coach

In the world of triathlon, you’d think that finding a coach would be a piece of organic, non-GMO, gluten free cake. But you might want to give it a second thought. Yes, there are loads of coaches online, at your local tri store, the gym, and nearly everywhere else, but do they really know your sport? Do they know off road tri’s? Have they done one? Can they ride a mountain bike? Do they live the lifestyle of a roadie or a dirt goer?

If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, here are five reasons you should consider hiring a off road specific triathlon coach (or at least knows what they’re doing in regards to off road).


1) Skills

An off-road coach is going to work with you on your skills. Whether it’s showing you first hand, or having you work with an expert, developing bike handling skills and trail running skills is a big part of the off road scene and your coach should know this.

2) Race Strategy

Should you wear socks for this run? Should you use a hydration pack or grab a 2nd bottle on bike? When should you attack? Questions like these, and many more, can make or break your race. You need a coach who understands that timing and gear on race day can be different for every course.

3) Understanding the Culture

When you race in the dirt, you’re a little different. You like an offbeat type of challenge. You like to have a bit of fun while suffering. Yes, off road triathletes are still triathletes (a little geeky, somewhat techy, quasi type A personalities), but there is something a bit more chill and relaxed in the off-road arena. If your coach doesn’t get that, it could be like trying to mix oil with water. When you both have the same mindset, the journey is much more enjoyable.

4) Multiple Training Approaches

Doing every workout on the same type of surface and terrain may not be an option, so it’s important to have a coach that knows how to take the training necessary for off-road triathlon and transfer it to other turf. Whether it’s the bike or the run, knowing how to adapt to a different set up or surface is a valuable quality.

5) The Workouts are More Fun – This is Off Road of Course!

If your coach is going to ask you to suffer day-in and day-out for months on end, don’t you want to find a way to make the most of those hours? Sometimes the most important part of a goal is the journey to get there and if you spend your days bounding through the woods, railing around a corner, and mixing it up in the pool, you’ll enjoy your time far more. Off road coaches get that. That’s why they race off road, it’s fun!


Agree with the list? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.




Will Kelsay

Will Kelsay is one of the top cross triathletes in the world with a 10 year career spanning 5 continents competing in more than 18 countries. He has 20 career wins and more than 70 top 5 finishes. Anyone who has met him knows his passion for the sport is only overshadowed by his huge smile & his appetite for fun.

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