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2017 Off-Road Triathlon Training Camps

As off-road triathlon continues to gain notoriety and grow across the globe, off-road specific training camps have started popping up. You may be thinking “Why is an off-road specific camp necessary?” It’s a rather simple answer – off-road triathlon requires specialized skills and a unique blend of fitness to be a successful off-road athlete. Both mountain biking and trail running are talents that must be honed to reach your full potenial and these camps are a great solution for that.

Below are a few off-road triathlon camps, hosted by off-road specific coaches, around the globe. Do you know of some that we missed? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list.

XTERRA Camp – PRS Fit with Mimi Stockton

Multi time Age Group XTERRA World Champion Mimi Stockton has partnered with PRS Fit for 2017. A regular on the XTERRA circuit, Mimi is familiar with the ins and outs of off-road. We caught up with Mimi to learn more about her XTERRA Training Camp.

PRS Fit - XTERRA Camp with Mimi Stockton. 2017 off-road triathlon training camps Photo: PRS Fit
DirtTRI: What level of athlete is the camp best suited for?
Mimi: The Xterra camp is open to all levels.  We are able to do this because we will have multiple coaches on-site.  We welcome beginners because we want to introduce them to the joys of off-road racing, and we also welcome intermediate and even advanced off-road racers and enthusiasts.  The more experienced attendees will have a bit more freedom to wander the trails and explore.

DirtTRI: Will the swim, bike, and run activities be more technique focused or fitness or both?
Mimi: Definitely both.  We will have some lecture periods and a swim analysis (Jeff is a certified Total Immersion instructor) for each individual and those will be mixed in with open water swims, mountain bike rides, and trail runs.  One morning we will also focus on mountain bike technique and the importance of it to becoming a faster, more confident rider.

DirtTRI: How many athletes are you taking?
Mimi: We can accommodate 16 athletes.
2017 off-road triathlon training camps Photo: XTERRA

DirtTRI: Why did you choose Lake Placid for your camp?
Mimi: Besides being an area of unsurpassed beauty, it offers everything necessary for a successful off-road camp: Temperate weather, beautiful lakes, and a plethora of bike and running trails.  Also, PRS Fit already runs a very successful Lake Placid IM training camp there in late June and Jeff will be there during all of May, June and July running an athlete B&B.

While I have never been to the area, SheriAnne trained in and around Lake Placid for several weeks during the summer of 2015 in preparation for the Wegner Patagonia Expedition race and has said the forest trails are extremely dense with great flow and offer a wide variety of terrain for all levels.  They are more rooty than rocky and there are plenty of hills to climb for interval training.

The swimming will take place in adjacent Mirror Lake.  No motorized crafts are allowed making for a very calm and shallow lake.  Usually the temperature in late June is in the upper 60’s/lower 70’s, so I would definitely advise bringing a wetsuit.

DirtTRI: Will you do any group open water swim practice to help with “open water nerves?”
Mimi: Absolutely.  Mirror Lake is very shallow and calm, which doesn’t quite mimic the start of an XTERRA race, but we will figure out a way to make some chaos in the water for the campers to enjoy.
2017 off-road triathlon training camps Photo: PRS Fit

DirtTRI: What is your plan if the weather turns bad?
Mimi: We will press on!  We race in cold, we race in rain, we race in cold rain.  That’s the XTERRA way.  #Livemore

DirtTRI: Why have you decided to work with PRS Fit?
Mimi: PRS Fit is a very successful coaching company led by SheriAnne Little and Jeffrey Kline, focusing on road triathlon, trail and ultra running.  Their coaching philosophy, which is very athlete focused, is identical to mine and we found, after speaking many times, that we have a shared vision on how to make happy, healthy and inspired athletes.  Both Jeff and SheriAnne recognize that XTERRA is soon to explode and want to introduce off-road triathlon to their current and future clients.  They wanted somebody to join their team with off-road knowledge and experience and somehow I fit the bill.  I am their first and only off-road specialist.  PRS Fit has just recently decided to take over XTERRA Portland and this will be our first foray into the XTERRA racing world.  We are very excited!

DirtTRI: What are some of your accolades and accomplishments that warrant you being the lead of an XTERRA camp?
Mimi: I have been racing XTERRA for 8 years and have raced all over the world.  I am also a 4-time and reigning XTERRA Age Group World Champion, and earned a bronze medal at the 2015 ITU Cross World Championships in Italy.  I have also competed in and won both Indiana and Michigan mountain bike series races for the past several years.

I currently coach several athletes and understand what it takes to be successful, both mentally and physically.  Furthermore, I am a USAT Level 1 Certified Coach.

2017 off-road triathlon training camps Photo: XTERRA


Cross Triathlon Advanced Training Camp – Orcanicoach with Nico Lebrun

Former pro cross triathlete, current XTERRA Europe Ambassador, skilled coach, and all around great guy, Nico Lebrun is organizing an advanced cross triathlon training camp with his entourage of educated and experienced coaches.

Organicoach - 2017 off-road triathlon training camps


Multiple Camps – Aloha Racing with Renata Bucher

After retiring from full time racing, Swiss Miss Renata Bucher has committed all her time to her coaching company – Aloha Racing. She currently has training camps scheduled in Australia, Switzerland, and Hawaii.

Aloha Racing - 2017 off-road triathlon training camps

At the Aloha Racing camps, athletes practice mountain bike skills.


XTERRA Cyprus Training Camp

Join us today for  a week’s training in the home of XTERRA Cyprus venue. Coral Bay Hotel & Resort’s Olympic facilities in addition to the Akamas Peninsula Nature Reserve and Troodos Mountain ventures are perfectly paired with bright blue Mediterranean swims to form tailor made programs. Enjoy daily activities that combine open water and pool sessions, off-road cycling along spectacular views on mountain tracks and coastal paths as well as a varied range of structured training sessions. Athlete partners and followers are most welcomed alongside this training camp as sightseeing excursions and entertainment programs are available for both of you to enjoy.

XTERRA Cyprus - 2017 off-road triathlon training camps






Gerard Hubbard

Gerard Hubbard is one of the top amateur road triathletes in the country. His career spans 10 years and he has numerous top finishes and qualifications to championship events. In his free time he enjoys staying active and enjoying anything and everything that the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer.

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