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Workout Wednesday – 1hr Bike with Sprints

Whether you can hit the trails on your knobbies or are stuck inside on the trainer, here is a fun little 1 hour workout that’s perfect for this time of year (nothing to intense, but still has some pop).

  • 10 minute warm up – Keep it nice and chill (zone 1).
  • 10 minutes with 3×30 second RPM Builds – Move your effort from zone 1 to zone 2 during this 10 minutes. At 2:30, 5, & 7:30 into this 10 minutes block, slowly spin up your legs to a very fast cadence over a 30 second period. Don’t shift gears, just slowly increase the rate at which you turn the peddles over until you are nearly maxed out on RPM at the end of those 30 seconds. Settle back down to zone 2 after each build.
  • 40/20’s – Start this 10 minute block with 2x 40/20, then go into 8 minutes in upper zone 2. A 40/20 is 40 seconds of sprinting and 20 seconds of recovery. That 40 second sprint should start with you out of the saddle (standing) for 15 to 20 seconds. Then sit back down and continue to hammer it until you reach 40 seconds. Rest 20 seconds and do it again. Make sure to shift into a harder gear right before you start the sprint so that there is some resistance on the pedals and you don’t spin out to quickly.
  • 30/30’s – Start this 10 minute block with 2x 30/30, then go into 8 minutes of upper zone 2. Similar to the 40/20’s, 30/30’s are a sprint followed by a short rest. The duration is shorter on these (only 30 seconds instead of 40), so try to increase your effort. As with the 40/20’s, start by standing for 15 to 20 seconds as you first pound away at those peddles. Once you’re finished your 2 sprints, followed by the 30 second rest, go into 8 minutes of upper zone 2.
  • 20/40’s – Start this 10 minute block with 2x 20/40’s, then go into 8 minutes of upper zone 2. This final set of sprints is the shortest, but the hardest. Shift into a harder gear, get out of the saddle, and absolutely tear it up for those 20 seconds. The effort on these sprints is the greatest of all 3 sprint sets. Rest 40 seconds and repeat. I think you know what’s next, go into 8 minutes of upper zone 2.
  • 10 minute cool down. Keep those legs moving, but don’t push it here. It’s a cool down.


Make sure to go hard on the hard stuff (the sprints) and keep it under control in the other portions of the workout (zone 2 is an aerobic zone, so you shouldn’t be killing it). Those sprints simulate small climbs or rises that you have to power over on the trails, and the zone 2 efforts are good base miles for this time of year. Everything about this workout is short and sweet.


Have fun and let us know what you think of the workout in the comments below or on social media.




Will Kelsay

Will Kelsay is one of the top cross triathletes in the world with a 10 year career spanning 5 continents competing in more than 18 countries. He has 20 career wins and more than 70 top 5 finishes. Anyone who has met him knows his passion for the sport is only overshadowed by his huge smile & his appetite for fun.

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