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When the winner of a race says it was “probably the hardest and hottest race I’ve ever done” (Bradley Weiss), you know it was a tough one. With temperatures climbing over 41 degrees celcius (106 degrees fahrenheit), every athlete who took part in XTERRA Danao, Cebu had to dig deep down inside to find the strength to finish the current-filled 1.5km swim, exceedingly hilly 40km mountain bike, and relentless 10km trail run.

Photo: XTERRA Danao

Sunrise Events and TriLife Magazine put together a fantastic highlight video that truly takes in you into the race. You’ll feel the nervous excitement before the gun went off. The strong waters along the Danao shoreline. The fast pace and challenging bike course. And a run course that drained even the fittest of athletes.

The only thing this highlight video didn’t fully capture was the fantastic crowds that lined the swim, bike, and run courses. Triathlon is a popular sport to spectate in The Philippines and this race didn’t disappoint. Crowds of spectators 3-4 deep lined the course in many locations. With the harsh temperatures, the locals even got involved in the race and used hoses and buckets to pour water over the athletes as they passed.

If you are looking for an amazingly produced event, that will show you the countryside, and challenge your limits, add XTERRA Danao, Cebu to your race schedule for 2018.

Xterra Danao PH [2017] Race Highlights from TriLife Magazine on Vimeo.


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