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Roger That! – Episode 5 Germany

If you haven’t met the man behind the beard, now is your chance. Professional triathlete Roger Serrano from Spain has a video series aptly named ROGER THAT. Whether you speak Spanish or not, you’ll get a kick out of his fast paced videos from cross triathlon races around Europe.

His latest episode (Episode 5), from his final race for the 2015 season, is a recap from XTERRA Germany. An epic battle took place on the day between eventual winner Ben Allen from Australia and 2nd place finisher, South African Bradley Weiss. Serrano rounded out the podium with a solid 3rd place finish to solidify his win of the XTERRA European Pro Points Series.

To follow along with all the training, racing, and antics of this 24 year old headliner, check out his Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, and YouTube feeds.




Will Kelsay

Will Kelsay is one of the top cross triathletes in the world with a 10 year career spanning 5 continents competing in more than 18 countries. He has 20 career wins and more than 70 top 5 finishes. Anyone who has met him knows his passion for the sport is only overshadowed by his huge smile & his appetite for fun.

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