XTERRA Heroes Squirt Lube Commercial Featuring Conrad Stoltz and Nico Lebrun

The South African based chain lube company, Squirt Lube, put together a fun commercial featuring two XTERRA Heroes – Conrad “The Caveman” Stoltz and Frechman Nico Lebrun.

Squirt Lube is a 100% biodegradable, long lasting, wax based chain lubricant. It stays clean, reduces noise and chain suck, and extends drive train life. In a 2014 test, conducted by independent testing laboratory Friction Facts, in conjunction with VeloNews Magazine, Squirt Lube was found to be the fastest drip lube on the market.

Squirt Lube Commercial Photo: VeloNews
VeloNews and Friction Facts teamed up to test chain lube and find out which one has the lowest frictional losses. Photo: VeloNews


Squirt Lube Commercial




Will Kelsay

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